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MuTools-LogoMuTools haben die Version 6 ihrer MuLab DAW Software vorgestellt. Die Liste der Änderungen ist lang und soll die Bedienung noch komfortabler machen. Hier ist ein Auszug der Änderungen/Verbesserungen:





  • Docked part editors that auto-follow the focused track.
  • Direct buttons for showing/hiding the browser, mixing desk and session modular area.
  • New „Export Consolidated Session“ function for making a complete session folder for export to another system.
  • New „Export Tracks As Audio Files“ function which exports each main track as a separate audio file.
  • All rendering-to-audio functions can now be interrupted by pressing ESC.


  • Audio parts now give you full control over the fade-in and fade-out curves and show these curves on the audio data.
  • Audio parts: When changing the gain or stereo pan in the part property panel, this is applied to all selected audio parts.
  • Sequence parts: When changing the transpose or velocity in the part property panel, this is applied to all selected sequence parts.
  • New „Add New MuSampla Track“ function.
  • New „Insert Time Slice“ and „Delete Time Slice“ functions.
  • New „Select Similar Sequence Parts“ function.
  • New „Increase Tempo“, „Decrease Tempo“, „Half Tempo“ and „Double Tempo“ shortcut functions.

Part Editors:

  • Sequence editor now has two tools: The standard arrow tool (cfr M5) and the pencil tool which makes it easier to quickly insert and delete notes with a single click.
  • Sequence editor now has an event property panel for quickly changing the (selected) event values in an alternative way. With optimized undo/redo support so to avoid redundant undo/redo steps!
  • New „Transpose -1“, „Transpose +1“, „Transpose -12“, „Transpose +12“ sequence shortcut functions.
  • Envelope editor now has an envelope point property panel, similar to the event property panel in the sequence editor.
  • Audio-, sequence- and automation editors now much more clearly indicate the active/inactive region.
  • Improved Event List Editor: Better layout + events that are outside the actual play region are grayed.
  • Event Graph Editor: Support for individual note keys, which is handy to select the velocities of a certain key.

MUX Modular:

  • New MuSampla version 2.
  • Improved MuDrum:
  • Improved mix-racks.
  • MuDrum sampler plug-in slots now also have an explicit On/Off button.
  • MuDrum: Pad editor is switched also when playing the pads.
  • MultiSampla now has 4 stereo outputs so you can route specific zones to a separate output.
  • Modular Feedback Delay now has a „Invert Feedback“ switch.
  • Rack slots and module buttons now include a process on/off switch.
  • Multi-sample editor: Zone editor now integrated as a docked sub-editor.
  • Added support for note key names e.g. for when a target module defines C3 as „Kick“, D3 as „Snare“ etc.
  • All embedded sample displays (e.g. in MuSampla and in the multi-sample zones) are fully functional now.
  • New „Focus Previous Rack“ and „Focus Next Rack“ shortcut functions.
    These functions make it possible to also use MuLab as a stage rack with a bunch of preset racks that can be selected via MIDI.


  • Improved curve editing: Curve edit fields (e.g. in the Audio Balancers) now support direct editing i.e. (alt+) drag up/down to change the curve without having to open the curve editor. Opening the curve editor is done via double-click. Plus other detailed improvements wrt curve editing.
  • Improved and extended browser functionality.
  • Added support for saving/reloading the sample markers near the source sample file.
  • Optimized audio engine which should result in less drop-outs when high CPU load on certain systems.
  • Many more preferences so to tune MuLab to your flavor.
  • Improved look and feel.
  • Improved factory library.
  • Many more improvements which all together make a big difference. See below.

Die Preise liegen bei 69,- Euro für die UL Version und 99,- Euro für die UL Version plus MUX 5. Ein Update von einer 5.x Version gibt es ab 17,- Euro.

Weitere Informationen und eine kostenlose Trial Version gibt es hier: Link

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