Reverend Guitars kündigt 3 neue Gitarren Modelle und 1 Bass für 2014 an

reverend_logo_white_backDer amerikanische Gitarrenhersteller Reverend hat für 2014 drei neue Signature Modelle angekündigt, welche erstmals auf der Winter Namm Show, im Januar 2014, vorgestellt werden sollen. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Bob Balch Signature, eine Pete Anderson PA-1 C, sowie einen Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship Signature Bass. Außerdem eine Warhawk RT Gitarre. Hier die Einzelheiten der Pressemeldung:


Bob Balch of Fu Manchu and Sun and Sail Club, has been playing Reverend Senseis for years. For his signature model, Reverend added body bevels, routed a tone chamber under the pickguard and loaded it with Railhammers.

The all-new Bob Balch Signature Railhammer Pickup is in the bridge — a brass-covered Railhammer with a ceramic magnet for smooth and clear tone. The Railhammer Chisel in the neck position adds in the aggression with its cutting upper-mid tone. The Reverend Bob Balch Signature Model is Satin Transparent Brown and has a rosewood neck.

reverend-bob-balch-2014Reverend-Bob Balch Signature

The Reverend Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship Bass came together very quickly. Meshell has been playing her collection of Reverend basses all around the world at some very high-profile gigs. At the Jason Moran concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ken Haas had every intention of asking her to do a signature bass. But Meshell beat him to it, asking Reverend to do it first.

The Fellowship, in Satin Black with a reverse headstock, is based on the popular Reverend Thundergun, with a set-neck and a raised center ridge for better sustain. It has just one pickup, the new P-Blade, which extends the low end with excellent clarity. The controls are stacked into one knob for volume and tone. The Fellowship comes in Satin Black with a Rosewood fretboard and a reverse headstock.

reverend-meshell-bass-2014Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship Bass

New to the Reverend PA-1 series is the Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 HB Custom. Like the other PA-1 models, this one also has the classic hollow-body look and feedback-controlling Uni-Brace system. The PA-1 HB Custom, however, is loaded with Reverend’s newest pickups, the Special HAL Humbuckers, for a clean and smooth vintage tone. An art-deco style trapeze tailpiece completes the refined look and feel. The PA-1 HB Custom is available in Satin Tobacco Busrt and Satin Violin Brown.

reverend-pete-anderson-2014Die Pete Anderson PA-1 HB Custom

The Reverend Warhawk RT is the newest Reverend guitar built to go from clean to mean. Loaded with two Revtrons, the Warhawk RT has a tone that is warm, yet aggressive. The raised center ridge increases body mass, while the thinner wings increase resonance for a wicked combination of sustain and harmonics. The Warhawk RT comes in Metallic Copper Fire, Metallic Alpine Green and Reverend’s Three-Tone Burst. Each color comes equipped with a rosewood neck and a Bigsby.

reverend-warhawk-2014Die Warhawk RT

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