Neu: Soundation Studio von PowerFX Systems aus Schweden

soundation-logoDas neue Soundation Studio der kleinen schwedischen Firma PowerFX Systems, stellt eine neue Möglichkeit dar, via Internet, mit bis zu 9 Menschen aus verschiedensten Regionen der Welt, gleichzeitig an einem Musikstück zu arbeiten und sich via Videokonferenz zu verständigen. Hier ist die original Pressemeldung:


Soundation Studio in Google+ Hangouts Kicks Off Social Music Creation 

Introducing the First Social Remix Contest with Video Collaboration  

PowerFX Systems AB/ Stockholm, Oct. 14th, 2013 (ic MI News) – After Spotify and SoundCloud another small Swedish music tech company, PowerFX Systems, is hoping to impact the digital music world with their cloud-based music making app Soundation Studio for Google+ Hangouts.  Soundation combined with the multi-person video calling feature in Google+ Hangouts allows you to create or remix music with up to nine users in separate geographical locations and video chat together in real-time.

“Digital music making is usually a solitary affair”, states Bil Bryant of Soundation. “You sit in front of your computer and make your music or your remix, but with the Soundation in Hangout combination, a whole new collaborative experience is available. The video element and the potential of engaging anyone with an internet connection really expands the possibilities.”

To kick off this development, Soundation is teaming up with the exciting, new artist and web sensation, Daria Musk, for the first ever social music making remix contest. Daria Musk is one of the most successful artists on Google+, with over 3 million followers and has provided her song “Ghost” for the contest. Participants can login with their Google+ or Soundation account and launch Soundation Studio for Google+ Hangout and invite friends in the Google+ community. Once a remix is complete it is published to a Soundation group where each remix can be listened to and voted on with likes. Daria and dancer Karen Cheng will select the winner from the top ten most voted submissions and they will receive a Meet and Greet with Daria and Karen to explain the remix which will be broadcast via Hangout On Air to YouTube. Karen will make a video of herself dancing to the winner remix and post it on YouTube and Soundation will supply a Chromebook Pixel.









































Hier ein  Screenshot der Webseite:

soundation-studioWeitere Informationen gibt es hier: Link

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