Acoustic Samples introduces the VTines

Following the steps of our B5 Organ, we decided to create an Electric Piano instrument using modeling techniques and samples as the sound source. The result allows for an incredible playability and sounds like a real Electric Piano with all its imperfections. Our model is based on real samples of a 1978 Fender Rhodes© Mark I fully restored with clean pickups and tines, new grommets, new hammer tips, etc, it is the best a Electric Piano can sound.
We carefully measured the output of the Rhodes© suitcase preamp and created an exact replica of the Vibrato stereo panning. We just added the possibility to sync it to your tempo and extended the speed range just like some real mods do. Plus you can even use it in mono like on the pre 69 models.
The stereo amps of Suitcase Electric Pianos have a very recognizable sound. We captured different microphone positions and distances to cover most of the real life recording placements. Our AMP simulation is true stereo, it allows for a very precise stereo image which is extremely useful when the Vibrato is on.
Electric pianos are often used with FX, so we created an FX panel with the most common ones, each of them is one of the very efficient and high quality FXs made by UVI.
Modeling also means customization. That is why you can alter the sound of the VTines like you would on a real electric piano and in a very easy way.
You can adjust many different parameters for each note, for all notes or using a mapper for each parameter.
Intro price is at 95 USD, regular price is at 119,- USD. For more in deepth informations go here: Link

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