AkaiProfessional and Numark at the Musikmesse 2015

Ash Vale, UK (March 30, 2015)—Akai Professional (akaipro.com) and Numark (Numark.com), industry-leading manufacturers of music equipment for music production and live DJ performance, today announced their attendance at Musikmesse 2015.


Akai Professional:
Akai Professional’s attendance at Musikmesse will see the manufacturer exhibit a range of new-
for-2015 product lines that highlight it’s continuing mission to provide artists with the tools they
need to express themselves and explore new musical possibilities. Alongside 2014 favourites,
including the AMX and AFX Serato DJ controllers, Akai Professional will exhibit all-new additions
to it’s analogue electronic instrument range with Timbre Wolf and Tom Cat. Taking centre stage on
the Akai Professional stand will be the highly-anticipated Advance Keyboards, a winner of the
2015 ‘Best in Show’ award at January’s NAMM and a guaranteed show-stopper for Musikmesse.
Advance Keyboards
Available in 25-, 49- and 61-key sizes, the all-new Advance Keyboards provide musicians and
producers with an entirely unique take on VSTi/DAW control – transforming modern music
production and live performances reliant on computer processing into an entirely hands-on playing
experience. The Advance Keyboard’s Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software assures VSTi-
compatible plugins from all leading software developers are effortlessly catalogued, providing
users with immediate access to any virtual instrument within their collection from one application;
conveniently-located, easily-accessible controls on the Advance Keyboard itself allow the user to
seamlessly browse, load and edit any patch loaded in VIP. The Advance Keyboard’s 4.3-inch
high-resolution, full-colour display instantly provides musicians and producers with immediate 1:1
control and feedback of all virtual instruments; an innovative workflow solution that shifts the focus
away from the computer screen and provides an intuitive platform for rapid creative expression.
“The Advance Keyboards fuse the unrivalled sonic capability of VSTi plugins with the familiar
layout and hands-on immediacy of a traditional keyboard workstation”        notes Dan Gill, Product
Manager for Akai Professional. “Our goal with the Advance Keyboards was to place the player
firmly in the driving seat with unrestricted access to any virtual instrument in their library. The
result? Limitless creative possibilities and a truly inspiring user experience.”
Timbre Wolf & Tom Cat
Following 2014’s release of Rhythm Wolf, Timbre Wolf and Tom Cat complete Akai Professional’s
all-analogue animal pack, giving musicians additional in-demand analogue bite at an ultra-
competitive price point. Timbre Wolf, a versatile 4-voice polyphonic synthesiser, guarantees to add
a distinctive, instantly-recognisable character to any musician’s repertoire thanks to it’s flexiblevoicing options and onboard 32-step sequencer for each voice. Timbre Wolf’s pro-grade 25-key
custom keybed, LED display and Octave +/- controls add further control and flexibility for the user.
Tom Cat builds on the popular classic drum machine layout of Rhythm Wolf and introduces an
entirely new sound-set comprising kick, snare, clap and chromatically tuneable disco toms. With
onboard controls for precise real-time drum voice adjustment, coupled with dedicated global
controls for swing, pattern select and tempo, Tom Cat assures effortless integration into modern
setups and provides a user-friendly, cost-effective solution to achieving a truly authentic analogue


provides users with an innovative, feature-packed solution for Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
mixer control. MIDImix features the intuitive layout of a traditional mixer with 8 individual line
faders and a master fader, 24 control knobs arranged 3 per channel and 1 to 1 mapping with
Ableton Live (Ableton Live Lite is included). With MIDImix, users can send all the mixer’s settings
to their DAW with a single press of a button; now artists can mix and modify/manipulate their
projects concurrently in real time, giving them a much wider array of creative options as a result of
the far greater creative flexibility afforded by MIDImix.

Musikmesse 2015 will see Numark exhibit a range of product lines that continue to cement it’s
legacy as a global leader in developing professional DJ equipment, unmatched in capability and
design. Alongside Numark’s 2015 product roster, 2014 favourites will also be exhibited including
NV – a highly revered, feature-packed Serato DJ Controller that assures future-proofed
functionality and real-time onboard visual feedback from Serato DJ via it’s iconic high-resolution
full-colour displays.

Numark’s 2015 Musikmesse product lineup highlights it’s commitment to providing both
professional and amateur DJs with the latest up-to-date tools that enhance the DJ experience –
critical updates to Numark’s best-selling MIXTRACK series pay testament to this commitment. The
new MIXTRACK 3 and MIXTRACK PRO 3 retain the design, layout and core functionality of their
predecessors with the inclusion of a range of new features specifically engineered to enhance the
core user experience; these include all-new 5-inch high resolution metal job wheels, multi-function
touch strips for dynamic FX control and track search, dedicated filter knobs for each channel,
100mm pitch sliders for fine pitch adjustments, a Prime Loops Remix Tool Kit and the popular
TOOLROOM Artist Packs.

Taking centre stage on the Numark stand will be the NS7III, a premium four-deck controller for
Serato DJ that combines three high-resolution colour screens with a DJ-friendly interactive control
surface. The direct successor to the highly-acclaimed NS7II, the NS7III reimagines the DJ
experience combining real-time high-resolution feedback of Serato DJ, variable-torque motorized
platters and dedicated touch-activated controls for critical controller functions (including filters and
Serato’s 12 professional iZotope® FX).
“The NS7III marks a turning point in the professional DJ controller market” said Chris Roman,
Numark Product Manager. “The NS7III fuses intuitive next-generation control with the unmatched
convenience and flexibility of Serato DJ; the inclusion of 3 high-resolution screens places the user
at the heart of the performance and above-all lets the DJ focus on what’s important, the music.”         

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