Antelope Audio announces full session saving functionality for its innovative pro audio interfaces

SANTA MONICA, CA, USA — High-end professional audio equipment manufacturer Antelope Audio is proud to announce availability of complimentary Control Panel desktop software updates for its innovative Zen Studio+, Orion32 HD, Orion Studio, Goliath, Zen Tour, and Orion 32+ pro audio interfaces — including an all-new Session Presets application for full session saving functionality, allowing anyone already taking full advantage of their incredibly versatile routing, mixing, and hardware effects processing capabilities to save, load, and share any routing, mixing, effects, mic pre gain levels, input and output trims, and even pan or resize settings  — as of March 22… 

Antelope Audio already transformed the whole concept of audio interface operation with its innovative Control Panel desktop software. Historically, this allowed access to some routing capabilities, a mixer maybe, and a few effects. However, with drag-and-drop ease of use, an ability to send audio to multiple outputs, realtime mixers featuring AuraVerb — Antelope Audio’s hardware-based reverb leveraging its 64-bit FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip, control and recall of realtime effects, panel splitting, and updates of features and effects, the contemporary Control Panel experience is now second to none.  Needless to say, the talented Antelope Audio software team is constantly coming up with fanciful features — often based on feedback from customers increasingly integrating Control Panel’s powerful signal routing and processing power into their workflow, resulting in unprecedented versatility without resorting to complex analogue patching in their studio setups.  Says Antelope Audio CEO Igor Levin: “With powerful routing capabilities and our advanced FPGA effects modelling, our interfaces are much more than digital convertors. While our FPGA models could replace a towering rack of outboard gear, our signal routing and submixing capabilities could just as easily replace an analogue mixing console in the studio. Now, with Session Presets, our users can create and share multiple routing and effects settings to have their studio ‘patched’ and ready for a session of any size at a moment’s notice, saving time and improving consistency.”  Thanks to Session Presets, clearly Control Panel has become more like a control panel workstation. With workflow enhancements extending the radical reach of Antelope Audio’s innovative interfaces, it was imperative that the company came up with an awe-inspiring tool to manage all of those flexible features for its end users. Ultimately, Session Presets performs in first-rate fashion.  Fortunately for owners of Antelope Audio’s award-winning Zen Studio+, Orion32 HD, Orion Studio, Goliath, Zen Tour, and Orion 32+ pro audio interfaces, a complimentary Control Panel desktop software update for their particular product is instantly available as an automatic update by simply starting the Control Panel launcher. Once installed, Session Presets operation is intuitive.  In the upper-right section of the various interface control panels is a SESSION name. Change anything in the panel and an asterisk appears next to the name to denote that a change has been made. Saving at any point will update all such panel changes. To the right of the SESSION name are SAVE and LOAD buttons. Pressing SAVE opens a Save Sessions options dialogue window. Expanding this window reveals all saveable components for that specific audio interface. Ticking the top Component box deselects all components in the menu — convenient for those users wishing to only save a specific subset of settings. So ticking the AFX Special Effects box means that only the AFX will be saved in Antelope Audio’s custom .as file format and only those AFX components will be available when later loading this file — handy for sending another Antelope Audio user custom AFX banks, for example. As such, Session Presets is an ideal tool for multi-room studio complexes or engineers working remotely in commercial studios since all compatible Antelope Audio interfaces can easily load common components settings. So a Zen Tour can open files created on an Orion32 HD or a Goliath, but will only load the components that those interfaces share.  To load a session preset, simply click the LOAD button, then select either Load Last Session in the upper right of the dialogue window or Browse to navigate to the desired .as file. Once selected, all the components saved in this file are visible and users can then opt to load or import only those component settings that are required. Choose to load just Routing, monitor Mixers, or only AFX — all without changing the other current settings. This makes adjusting sessions a breeze, because users may only wish to load the same effects that they tracked a project with — without touching any of the settings being used during mixdown.  More reasons to be cheerful: Session Presets… a convenient interface innovation, brought by Antelope Audio to owners of its Zen Studio+, Orion32 HD, Orion Studio, Goliath, Zen Tour, and Orion 32+ pro audio interfaces — for free!

For more in-depth information about Antelope Audio’s full session-saving functionality for its innovative pro audio interfaces, please visit the dedicated webpage here: 

Watch Antelope Audio’s informative introductory video introducing full session-saving functionality for its innovative pro audio interfaces here:  For more information about Antelope Audio’s Zen Studio+, Orion32 HD, Orion Studio, Goliath,Zen Tour, and Orion 32+ pro audio interfaces, please visit the dedicated webpage here:

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