Art Conductor articulation switch for Logic Pro X updated to version 2.0

Art Conductor is a software addition to Logic Pro X. It allows you to switch sampler instrument articulations in an much more intuitive way. Articulations can be drawn right into the timeline, without using key switches or cryptical MIDI messages. Once done, the automation shows the real articulation names, such as “Legato” or “Staccato”.

Released in 2015, Art Conductor started out as a small suite of script. The latest 2.0 release features over 300 templates for virtually all well known orchestra libraries. Those templates contain all the key switches and instruments available in a certain library. All you need to do is to dial them up and start working.

The latest updates adds support for various new Spitfire libraries including Symphonic Strings, Brass and Woodwinds as well as the Chamber Strings. A complete list of supported libraries can be found at

There are also generic templates which can be easily customized. Sampler Instruments featuring Key Switch and Channel based articulation selection are supported. And, there are also special versions for EastWest Play, Vienna Symphony VSL Instruments and Spitfire Audio.

Version 2.0 is available now and free of charge for existing users.

Price: €24.99.-

An overview video can be found here:
Product information can be found here:


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