Art Conductor for Expression Maps – a collection of over 360 orchestra instrument maps

Babylonwaves have released a collection of over 360 Expression Maps for Cubase. Art Conductor for Expression Maps cover a wide range of orchestra libraries including most products by Spitfire, LASS, Cinematic Strings and many many others.

All expression maps are setup in the same way:

The same abbreviations across the board and special naming conventions ensure that users can find the right articulation quickly, independently of the names used in the library. The expressions are in alphabetical order whereas the key switches follow the natural order within the instruments. This way you find the right expression fast and the most important ones are on the lower key switches. And if you prefer the key switches to align with the alphabetical expression, you can re-order them easily with a single click.
Every map comes in two variation: One is based on "directions" (the articulation latches), the other one on "attributes" (every note needs a discreet expression). You choose what's better for your working style.
Every expression is color coded: The same color were used for the most common articulations. You see a green expression and you know, that's legato. Independent of the library you're working with.
For Spitfire users, complete maps for both the old (BML Sable/Mural/Brass/Winds/Phalanx) and new instruments (Chamber Strings and Symphonic Stings/Brass/Woods) are available. Also, all Spitfire maps control the instruments using their UACC standard which make exchanging melodies in between tracks extremely comfortable.

All details and a "demo version” can be found here:

Art Conductor for Expression Maps is available as an instant digital download
Intro Price: €25.99

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