Artistry Audio announces Origine X – Modern Loop Engine


ORIGIN X is a dynamic loop and effects engine accompanied by a world-class loop library – perfect for all styles of music production. Powered by Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT PLAYER platform, ORIGIN X introduces an entirely new way to layer, sculpt, and automate melodic loops and rhythmic elements. ORIGIN X seamlessly fuses together all things cinematic, synth, industrial, trap, house, ambient, EDM, soul, funk, techno, breakbeat, and much more into a powerhouse loop engine guaranteed to take your productions to new heights. Over two thousand loops and presets are paired up with an audio engine that defies definition.

Packed with intuitive real-time sound-shaping controls, the ORIGIN X engine and interfaceprovides a platform for unlimited customizations. Each loop is divided into slices which can beordered and re-ordered into any playback order, direction, sequence, and combination. Creating custom sequences is only the start; loops can also be affected and automated independently using creative effects, such as stutter, transpose, reverse, volume and pan, as well as a suite of new studio grade effects new in Kontakt 6. ORIGIN X is fully compatible with the Native Instruments NKS standard, an extended plug-in format allowing advanced integration with the company’s cutting-edge KONTROL keyboard controllers, and MASCHINE hardware.

Inspire your creativity by using the dynamic realtime browsing system integrated into the interface. Easily mix and match kits, sounds presets, and effects presets to create entirely new sounds and save and tag the sounds you love as new user presets.

Need inspiration in a hurry? Artistry Audio has equipped over a dozen parameters within the ORIGIN X interface for intuitive randomization, allowing you to rapidly tap into millions of starting point combinations with creative effects. Whether you’re looking for the perfect loop to accent your production or creating a new motif for a deadline project, simply arm parameters for randomization and prepare to launch! The interface’s intelligent randomization technology will generate inspiring results, on the spot, every time.

• Over 1,400 loops, with a limitless number of sonic combinations

• Two layer loop engine featuring 75 kits for modern sound design

• Customized effects suite with hundreds of preset options

• 125+ motion presets for automating your sound

• Fully “randomizable” interface for instant inspiration

• Native Instruments’ NKS® and MASCHINE ready

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