Arturia announces attractive ‘Music Through The Ages’ discount deals throughout the Holiday Season

arturia-logo-neuGRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware developer and manufacturer Arturia is proud to announce that its irresistible ‘Music Through The Ages’ promotional pricing campaign kicks off on November 24; it offers Holiday Season shoppers superb discount deals on its MicroBrute and MiniBrute analogue monosynths, SparkLE software/hardware hybrid creative drum machine, the complete range of Keylab software/hardware hybrid MIDI keyboard controllers, and all of its award-winning iPad apps…  Music has been central to every civilisation. Thanks to technology, today the tools exist to enable everyone to become the torchbearers, making music, performing, and resonating through all time. To help accomplish those dreams, Arturia is celebrating music and musicians by offering some special time-sensitive discount deals on a number of its innovative instruments for anyone to take advantage of between November 24, 2015 until January 31, 2016. 


Normally weighing in at an attractive €349.00 EUR/$349.00 USD, the MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer — an amazingly compact and bijou, semi-modular analogue monosynth with inbuilt step sequencer, boasting MIDI, USB, and CV connectivity, together with a whole host of unique features — is now priced to fly (off the shelves) at €299.00 EUR/$299.00 USD, while its MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer bigger brother — a similarly-specified ‘full-size’ analogue monosynth that rapidly established itself as Arturia’s hardware calling card, helping heat up competition in the productive process as rival manufacturers followed the trendsetting company’s lead — drops down in price from €549.00 EUR/$599.00 USD to an unmissable €399.00 EUR/$399.00 USD!  Operating outside of the wonderful world of analogue monosynths, the SparkLE Creative Drum Machine made musical waves when making its hybrid percussive debut at The NAMM Show 2013 in Anaheim, California. It has proved popular ever since, taking beat creation to new levels of creativity the world over, thanks to Arturia’s awe-inspiring SPARK 2 software engine that beats at its hybrid heart, combining superb sounds, workflow without equal, and editing tools beyond compare. Compare the price difference: €199.00 EUR/$199.00 USD (between November 24, 2015 until January 31, 2016) compared to its usual selling price of €249.00 EUR/$299.00 USD!  Unbelievably, the complete range of Keylab software/hardware hybrid MIDI keyboard controllers (temporarily) come complete with no fewer than four of Arturia’s award-winning Analog Classics software instruments — namely, Mini V, Arturia’s authentic-sounding polyphonic recreation of the ever-present Minimoog™ monosynth that has been making its ‘phat’ presence felt for four-plus decades; Jupiter-8 V, a real musical workhorse, capable of creating a very versatile range of sounds while going above and beyond the capabilities of Roland’s original Eighties-vintage programmable polysynth, thanks to its additional modulation possibilities and inbuilt effects; VOX Continental V, bringing back the coveted classic sounds of the Sixties-vintage Vox Continental 300 organ as an authentic-sounding software emulation; and Wurlitzer V, reproducing the agreeable acoustic properties of the well-known Wurlitzer EP 200A electric piano from the Seventies with an embedded physical modelling engine. All four software titles for free, in other words!  What’s more, as of November 24, 2015, anyone registering any Keylab purchase additionally qualifies for a free copy of Ableton’s Ableton Live Lite MIDI sequencing software and Grand Piano Model D from fellow French developer UVI, delivering the sought-after sound of the superlative Steinway Model D concert grand piano with all the warmth, expressiveness, and detail of the real thing, thanks to deep multi-sampling, precision mastering, and advanced scripting. So, including Arturia’s above-mentioned titles, that’s well over €400.00 EUR/$400.00 USD of state-of-the-art software… for free!  Finally, for the benefit of our more mobile iOS-based friends, the ‘Music Through The Ages’ promotional pricing campaign also includes all of Arturia’s award-winning apps for Apple’s iPad, including authentic-sounding software recreations of the aforementioned Seventies-vintage Minimoog™ monosynth (iMini), the still-sought-after Seventies-vintage Oberheim Expander Module® (iSEM), and the trailblazing Eighties-vintage Sequential Prophet VS Digital Vector Synthesizer (iProphet) — all reduced from €9.99 EUR/$9.99 USD to €4.99 EUR/$4.99 USD!  Undoubtedly, then, there has never been a better time than now to make ‘Music Through The Ages’. So why not become a torchbearer today with a little help from your friends at Arturia? The Holiday Season has clearly come early for those who cannot wait! Which begs the question: which innovative instrument box will you be opening… and when? Whatever you choose, enjoy making your musical dreams come true throughout this Holiday Season and beyond with Arturia’s innovative instruments.

Between November 24, 2015 and January 31, 2016, the MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer, MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer, SparkLE Creative Drum Machine, and Arturia’s award-winning iMini, iSEM, and iProphet iPad apps are deeply discounted to €299.00 EUR/$299.00 USD, €399.00 EUR/$399.00 USD, €199.00 EUR/$199.00 USD, and €4.99 EUR/$4.99 USD, respectively, while the complete range of Keylab software/hardware hybrid MIDI keyboard controllers come complete with Arturia’s award-winning Mini V, Jupiter-8 V, VOX Continental-V, and Wurlitzer-V software instruments thrown in for free! All are available to purchase from any authorised Arturia dealer or directly from Arturia here:

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