Arturia BeatStep Pro proves popular onstage and in the studio with contemporary artists

ArturiaLogoGRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware developer Arturia is proud to announce that its BeatStep Pro sequencing powerhouse is proving popular onstage and in the studio with contemporary artists around the globe having been recently released to rave reviews…  Actions always speak louder than words, but what better way to acknowledge the global success of BeatStep Pro — a unique combination of many musical technologies (assignable MIDI controller, two analogue-style step sequencers, a drum programmer, and live performance tool) tastefully packaged into a compact, connectable device designed to make taking control of the creative process easier than ever, no matter what gear is available —

than by letting an alphabetically-quoted roll call of contemporary artists have their supportive say.  Famed for his powerhouse percussion that quite literally speaks volumes, British techno producer Blawan is suitably smitten: “The first thing that I noticed about BeatStep Pro was the super-solid build quality. The action of the knobs and the touch pads are great, giving me the confidence to take this on the road every weekend, knowing that it will survive the savage airport luggage guys throwing my stuff around. Since it’s so easy to flick through the different sequencer sections, it’s quick to get a groove down and also melodies that compliment the groove. SWING is really nice and the RANDOMNESS function is great for adding some evolving hits into a drum sequence to make it change with a less static beat. The connectivity is amazing, too, which makes it as useful in the studio as it is in a live setting! In a live setting, having the option to sync via MIDI, CV, or even internally is a great safeguard if a piece of vital clocking equipment breaks and goes down while on the road. It’s a brilliant sequencer to jam with, but you can also go really deep with the sequencing in the studio, which is where I use it to control and sequence my modular synthesisers.”  GRAMMY Award-nominated American audio technician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, singer, songwriter, and technologist BT certainly knows a thing or two about music technology and is suitably qualified, therefore, to sing and dance about BeatStep Pro: “I’m bewildered that it’s taken manufacturers so long to catch on to the control voltage craze. Now that they have, there’s a proliferation of exciting new instruments and synths. Bang for buck, you can get a BeatStep Pro and stop looking. This is the most feature-rich, high-end step and gate sequencer in an affordable small-format — and substantial — package that I’ve ever seen. I want about 20 of these!”  American DJ, experimental electronic pop artist, and music producer Matthew Dear has worked with some of the biggest names in electronica, including Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip. “BeatStep Pro is now the central nervous system for all my modular, vintage, and digital equipment,” he says. “It’s expressive, intuitive, and quick to navigate, which helps immensely when writing. My favourite features are the RANDOMNESS and PROBABILITY knobs, which make simple drum patterns come alive with fills and stutters. It turns my modular drum rig into a wildly inventive drummer with a mind of its own!”  Canadian electronic music producer and live performance artist Marc Houle has this to say: “BeatStep Pro has helped me control all of my old analogue gear from one central location. It’s fun to be able to control the instruments in new ways while giving life to some old stuff I had stopped using. It’s very intuitive, so you really don’t need the instructions to get going.”  Bulgarian DJ Kink is both innovative and uncompromising in his approach to live performance: “BeatStep Pro is the bridge between old and new technology in terms of live sequencing. I love it! One of the features that I like most are the many CV and gate outputs. I managed to use some obscure gear that I was not able to sequence before. I love the SHIFT function, which allows you to create crazy grooves and shuffle on your beats and melodies just by tweaking the knobs! And let’s not forget that there are three independent sequencers that are very easy to program on the fly by step sequencing or just tapping.”  Responsible, in part, for developing and nurturing the underground electronic music scene in Chile before spreading his musical wings worldwide, award-winning Swiss-born DJ and producer Luciano lets BeatStep Pro speak for itself: “It’s fast, intuitive, and can fit into any situation. It’s the missing link amongst all of the pieces of equipment that I own.”  It’s fitting that this supportive cast concludes with award-winning French electronic musician Arnaud Rebotini, another avid BeatStep Pro proponent — and not just because it’s been created by his fellow countrymen (and countrywomen)! “I’ve been looking for long time for a step sequencer that could be integrated into my live setup that is made up of only vintage machines — Roland’s Juno-60, SH-101, TB-303, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909, and the Sequential Circuits Pro-One,” he reveals. “I’ve been testing various machines, but found everything I was looking for in BeatStep Pro — without loosing the freedom of live performance. It’s a real success.”  Indeed, it is. BeatStep Pro is ready and able to take centre stage in any onstage or studio setup and well equipped to remain at the heart of the contemporary creative process for many more years to come. Just ask Blawan, BT, Matthew Dear, Marc Houle, Kink, Luciano, and Arnaud Rebotini! Or read those rave reviews.


BeatStep Pro is available to purchase for €249.00 EUR/$299.00 USD from any authorised Arturia dealer or directly from Arturia here: 

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated BeatStep Pro product webpage here: 

Watch several contemporary artists have their supportive say about BeatStep Pro here:

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