Arturia News – Introducing PolyBrute Noir

PolyBrute Noir is a 6-voice 61-note analog synthesizer with massive sound morphing capability, unmatched expression, and deep sound design flexibility, with a limited-edition Noir finish.

Limited Noir Edition:
PolyBrute Noir features a slick black exterior, complete with colorful accents, luxurious dark wooden appointments, and signature ionized parts.
Massive analog polyphony
Users can harness 6 powerful analog Brute voices, comprising seamless waveshaping VCOS, dual filters, and a tactile array of modulation.
Morphing: sounds within sounds
Each preset contains 2 distinct sonic states that can be seamlessly morphed with the multi-axis Morphée controller and Morph knob.
Perform, express
PolyBrute features an array of hands-on controls, from a classic ribbon controller to its premium velocity-sensitive keybed with aftertouch.
Your sound to infinity
PolyBrute lets users quickly modulate patches with the Matrix, color their sound with 3 digital stereo FX engines, instantly animate ideas with intricate sequencing, and more.

More informations here.

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