Arturia released Coldfire the dual distortion reactor

Dist COLDFIRE is an all-in-one distortion effect delivering subtle mix-enhancing saturation, dual-engine custom crunch, or unrestrained sonic destruction, combining analog and digital algorithms with deep modulation and customization to unearth near-infinite distortion possibilities for any sound.

Totally custom distortion:
Pair up any of the 11 distortion types, from emulated tube heat to icy digital bit crush, customize routing, sprinkle in some modulation, and forge entirely unique sonic carnage.
Creative destruction:
Create resonant metallic melodies, introduce artificial harmonic reflections, trigger wildly destructive feedback loops; get creative with Dist COLDFIRE’s dual-engine architecture.
Modulate, animate:
Swap static sound processing for distortion that evolves, flickers, and dances to any tune with 6 assignable modulation slots, step sequencing, envelope following, and more.
Intuitive but powerful:
Dist COLDFIRE is simple enough to create exciting dual distortion effects in just a few easy clicks, but flexible enough to become totally immersed in deeply destructive sound design.
Dist COLDFIRE: Intro offer:
To celebrate the launch, registered users can purchase Dist COLDFIRE at a one-off introductory price, with discounts up to 50% off. All users will also have access to discounts on a bundle comprising FX Collection 3 + Dist COLDFIRE. Users can login at to unlock their exclusive discounts, available until Thursday, September 15th.

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