Arturia Unleash MicroFreak Vocoder Edition

Sing alongside glistening digital textures. Add paraphonic harmonies to external sound sources. Scatter spoken word across sprawling modulated sequences. This is the uniquely unpredictable MicroFreak formula but not as you know it.

Limited edition, limitless madness:
A new look, a new configuration, a new sound. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this exclusive limited-run Freak tick…

Gooseneck microphone:
Easily adjustable and removable, the mic connects to the headphone socket, designed to fit snug against MicroFreak’s rear connectivity panel.

Limited-edition finish:
MicroFreak Vocoder Edition has been given a makeover, featuring a sleek, eye-catching white design with a unique Swan graphic.

New 16-band Vocoder engine:
Accurately detect, filter and replicate the complex harmonics of the human voice. Sawtooth, pulse width and noise waveforms, with 16 new presets to boot.

Connect external sound sources:
Process an external sound source like a drum machine/synth via the headphone socket for glitchy vocoder sound processing.

The MicroFreak Vocoder Edition is available to purchase at any authorised Arturia dealer while stock last.

Street price $349/329€

MicroFreak firmware update V2.1:
Users who already own MicroFreak can update their firmware to V2.1 to unlock the new Vocoder feature, presets and TRRS connectivity. Easily connect a sound source to the headphone socket via 3.5mm or splitter adapter.

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