Arturia V Collection 7 special black friday deal

V Collection 7, Arturia’s flagship software compendium of 24 perfectly recreated historic synths and keyboards, is now available for a special price. Deal ends at december 5th.
Buy for $299
New customers can purchase V Collection 7 for $299.

Crossgrade for $199
Existing customers, with any registered Arturia product, can purchase V Collection 7 for $199.

Upgrade for $99
Customers who own any previous version of V Collection can upgrade to the latest version for just $99.

Regarded as the absolute reference point for authentic software emulation, V Collection 7 gives synth fans an “access all areas” pass to the most coveted keyboards ever made. Recreated as user-friendly software instruments thanks to their exclusive TAE and Phi modelling technologies, and brought to life with thousands of meticulously crafted presets, this software title invites any and all musicians to experience the magic of these timeless legends.
To see their exclusive crossgrade and upgrade deals, Arturia product owners should log in to their MyArturia account.
To find out more, go here.

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