Babylonwaves released Art Conductor 3

Art Conductor 3 is a collection of pro-grade articulation templates supporting the vast majority of modern orchestra libraries. Version 3 doubles the amount of templates to over 1000 adding support for the entire East West Composer Cloud, Komplete 11, Symphobia 1+2+3 and 8dio Lacrimosa among others. The collection is available as Logic Pro 10.4 Articulation Set and Cubase Expression Maps.
Art Conductor is designed to consolidate the way you interact with libraries, independently of the library manufacturer. Each template maps the core key switches to the same notes. As a result, the identical layout finally allows you to focus on your music instead of memorising key switch positions. On top, all techniques are alphabetically sorted, color coded (Cubase) and equipped with notation symbols (Logic).


8dio Adagio
NEW: 8dio Lacrimosa
Audiobro LASS
Cinematic Strings
Cinematic Strings 2
Cinematic Studio Strings
Embertone Chapman Trumpet and Tuba
NEW: Embertone Joshua Bell Violin
NEW: EW 56 Strat
NEW: EW Drum n Bass
NEW: EW Ghostwriter
NEW: EW Gypsy
NEW: EW Hollywood Brass Gold
NEW: EW Hollywood Cello Solo Gold
NEW: EW Hollywood Harp Gold
NEW: EW Hollywood Strings Gold
NEW: EW Hollywood Violine Solo Gold
NEW: EW Hollywood Woodwinds Gold
NEW: EW Ministry Of Rock
NEW: EW Ministry of Rock 2
NEW: EW Silk
NEW: EW Solo Violin
NEW: EW Symphonic Adventures
NEW: EW Symphonic Brass Gold
NEW: EW Symphonic Choirs Gold
NEW: EW Symphonic Strings Gold
NEW: EW Symphonic Woodwinds Gold
NEW: EW The Dark Side
NEW: EW Voices Of Passion
Heavyocity NOVO
Light and Sound Chamber Strings
Musical Sampling Adventure Brass
Musical Sampling Trailer Brass
Musical Sampling Trailer Strings
NI Factory Library K11
NI Session Horns Pro
NI Symphonic Essentials
Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass
Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings
Orchestral Tools Berlin Woods
Orchestral Tools Metropolis Arc 1
Orchestral Tools Metropolis Arc 2
Orchestral Tools Soloist
ProjectSam Symphobia 1
ProjectSam Symphobia 2
ProjectSam Symphobia 3
Sonuscore The Orchestra
Soundiron Brass Ensemble
Soundiron Brass Solo
Spitfire Albion Iceni
Spitfire Albion One
Spitfire Albion Tundra
Spitfire Bernard Herrmann
Spitfire BML Brass
Spitfire BML Mural
Spitfire BML Phalanx
Spitfire BML Sable
Spitfire BML Winds
Spitfire Chamber Strings
Spitfire LCO Strings
Spitfire Masse
Spitfire Sacconi Quartet
Spitfire Skaila Kanga Harp
Spitfire Symphonic Brass
Spitfire Symphonic Strings
Spitfire Symphonic Wood
Subtones Emotional Cello
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