Black Lion Audio announces availability of PBR patchbay series built ‘Black Lion-tough’ with audiophile-grade connectors

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA: Black Lion Audio is proud to announce availability of its three-model-strong PBR patchbay series built ‘Black Lion-tough’ with audiophile-grade connectors — comprising PBR TRS, a 48-point TRS patchbay; PBR TRS-BT, a 48- point TRS patchbay with Bluetooth® compatibility; and PBR XLR, a 16-point XLR patchbay — as of October 11…
An audio patchbay efficiently connects all the inputs and outputs of outboard gear into one centralized hub, so studio users can quickly ‘patch’ — read: route — one device to another without the inconvenience of squeezing themselves behind racks of gear to unplug cabling connected directly to a particular device to reroute it to another device, then reversing the laborious process afterwards. Accessible patchbay-based patching is all well and good, yet surely studios are all about maintaining audio quality throughout every signal chain involved. Indeed, Black Lion Audio has been trusted for years for modifying the best gear and making it better, which is exactly what it took to create its new PBR patchbay series since all three models use audiophile-grade connectors. Contact points are all gold-plated, in fact, which is a major factor in maintaining that audio quality — something missing from the majority of patchbays that studio users might have encountered in the past. Put it this way: Black Lion Audio’s expert engineering team tirelessly worked to ensure that the PBR patchbay series serves up genuine quality throughout each of its three models.
Technically, then, PBR TRS is a 48-point TRS patchbay, built for the most demanding of studios. Moreover, mode switching can be accessed via buttons on the rear panel for configuring normalization modes. Meanwhile, the 48-point PBR TRS-BT boasts Bluetooth® compatibility to transport audio from suitably-equipped devices right into the mix, making it something of a cut above an average TRS patchbay — 48-point, or otherwise. On the face of it, by sporting a custom Black Lion Audio-modded Bluetooth® module armed with the very best codecs to provide lossless audio connectivity, it not only brings suitably-equipped audio devices into the wonderfully-convenient world of patchbays, but, in doing so, treats them the best manner possible for working with professional audio. Again, mode switching can be accessed via buttons on the rear panel for configuring normalization modes. Changing (connectivity) tack, PBR XLR is a 16-point XLR patchbay for handling microphone and hardware XLR I/O. Its front panel sports 12 male XLR connectors and four female XLR connectors, making it a breeze to patch suitably-equipped devices without having to mess around with gear racks.
Rest assured that there is a PBR patchbay suited to the task, whichever way anyone chooses to go. All are built ‘Black Lion-tough’ with black-anodized aluminum faceplates that also make for a matched and sophisticated look, so are well worth looking at when considering adding a patchbay or three to a studio setup! 
PBR TRS, PBR TRS-BT, and PBR XLR are available to purchase via Black Lion Audio’s growing global network of dealers/distributors ( with a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $199.00 USD, $249.00 USD, and $169.00 USD, respectively, and an SSP (Suggested Selling Price) of €199.00 EUR (including VAT), €249.00 EUR (including VAT), and €169.00 EUR (including VAT), respectively.
For further information, please visit the dedicated PBR TRS, PBR TRS-BT, and PBR XLR webpages here:

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