Black Lion Audio augments PBR patchbay series with 96-point TT/DB25-providing PBR TT

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA: having introduced its three-model-strong PBR patchbay series (with gold-plated contact points as well as being built ‘Black Lion-tough’ with black-anodized aluminum faceplates that also make for a matched and sophisticated look) late last year, boutique audio company Black Lion Audio is proud to augment said series with the all-new PBR TT — nesting 96 audiophile-grade gold-plated TT connectors and 12 audiophile-grade gold-plated DB25 connectors in a single rack space suitable for the most robust routing imaginable — as of February 9…
An audio patchbay efficiently connects all the inputs and outputs of outboard gear into one centralized hub, so studio users can quickly ‘patch’ — read: route — one device to another without the inconvenience of squeezing themselves behind racks of gear to unplug cabling connected directly to a particular device to reroute it to another device, then reversing the laborious process afterwards. Accessible patchbay-based patching is all well and good, yet surely studios are all about maintaining audio quality throughout every signal chain involved. Indeed, Black Lion Audio has been trusted for years for modifying the best gear and making it better, building upon this legacy to design and launch its own products to widespread critical acclaim, and now augmenting the PBR patchbay series launched late last year with the all-new PBR TT.
As a patchbay built for the most demanding of studios, PBR TT is loaded with 96 TT connectors — grouped 1 through 48 in two rows (A and B) — on its front faceplate and 12 DB25 connectors — grouped 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32, 33-40, and 41-48 in two corresponding (A and B) rows — on its rear; all are audiophile-grade and gold-plated. Per-module mode-switching is accessed via recessed switches in the top panel for configuring normalization modes, marked clearly as NON NORMALLED (ISOLATE), NORMAL (GROUND BUSS), and HALF NORMAL (VERTICALLY STRAPPED). All are rated to 10,000+ operations. Additionally, a grounding connection is positioned to the rear.
Reason has it, then, that Black Lion Audio’s team of engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that PBR TT delivers genuine quality through-and-through. The 12 DB25 connections are securely mounted to an internal steel backplate to prevent wear from frequent reconnections, while every TT jack is a custom-made Black Lion Audio gold-plated connector for ultimate performance. Put it this way: with PBR TT, Black Lion Audio has surely succeeded in creating a patchbay in a single rack space that is suitable for the most robust routing imaginable as well as being built ‘Black Lion-tough’ with a reinforced steel chassis and black-anodized aluminum faceplates that also make for a matched and sophisticated look — one which clearly looks set to capture the eyes and ears of the most discerning and demanding studio owner out there! 
PBR TT is available to purchase via Black Lion Audio’s growing global network of dealers/distributors ( with a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $799.00 USD and an SSP (Suggested Selling Price) of €1,065.00 EUR (including VAT).
For further information, please visit the dedicated PBR TT webpage here: 

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