Cmusic Production has released the SOLO Clarinet in B Library for Kontakt.

The SOLO Clarinet Kontakt library is designed to allow the user to realistically simulate almost any melody that a real clarinet in any style can play – whether it’s jazz, classical or folk.
It was recorded using two microphones (A is a large aperture with a cardioid pattern, and B is a ribbon microphone with an eight). This allows you to change the balance between the two microphones to achieve a more suitable tone.. Read more:


  • Legato, Portamento, Glissando Velocity control
  • 3-x round robin sustain non vibrato for each note (6 layers)
  • Sustain vibrato for each note (5 layers)
  • 3-x round robin staccato for each note (5 layers)
  • 3-x round robin marcato short and long for each note (4 layers)
  • 2/4 and 4/4 tempo sync swells (120 bpm default, 2 layers)
  • Rips chromatic short, medium and long (3 layers)
  • Crescendo short and long
  • Diminuendo, pfp
  • Trills HT, Trills WT, Flutter, Growl, Sliders long and short, Ends
  • Fast trills between notes in octave range
  • Humanize function
  • 3.26 GB on disc, 5 271 samples, 44.1 KHz / 24-bit

Price: $79.00 – Available at an introductory price of $51.35 until October 31st. Requires full version of Kontakt 5.

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