Cockos gibt neues Update für Reaper bekannt

reaper-aufmacherCockos hat nach nicht allzu langer Zeit, ein erneutes Update für Reaper aud die Version 4.6.1 bekannt gegeben. Die Liste der Änderungen ist recht lang. Hier die Details:


Version 4.61 Changelog:


  • Performance:
    • option to use new worker thread scheduling logic which can use less CPU
    • reduced CPU overhead of silent tracks when stopped, similar option for playback
    • reduced memory usage when viewing projects with many audio items
    • improved performance of note range calculations for tracks with many MIDI items
    • faster/safer exit process
    • better OSX splash screen updating
    • faster OSX track creation/loading
    • faster loading/saving and undo-point creation
  • Items:
    • fixed buttons on very large/zoomed media items
    • fixed interaction between editing take start offset and warp markers in item properties dialog .
    • avoid playback glitch with negative section start offsets
  • MIDI:
    • CC chase bug fix .
    • when edits result in MIDI events that do not pass the filter, disable the filter
  • OSX:
    • fixed 10.4 top level menu issues introduced in 4.33
    • optimized drawing in certain partial-update situations
    • support receiving long sysex messages from hardware
  • Stability:
    • fixed potential crash when showing media items in lane and resizing track height .
    • fixed potential crash when sending automated FX parameter updates via OSC
    • small optimizations and buffer overflow protection
  • Stretch markers:Automation: option to not reset latch state on loop .
    • fixed playback error when using unlooped items and start offset is negative .
    • update video preview position when editing stretch markers
  • FX: menu actions to replace or quick-replace an effect preserving routing
  • Glue: when glueing all muted items, produce muted result
  • JS: allow “filename:png” lines with indexes more than 128
  • MIDI editor: fixed behavior when using one editor per track .
  • Missing file window: show current project .
  • OSC: improved controller feedback for transport state (play/pause/record/stop)
  • Plugins: native plug-ins are no longer unloaded at exit on Win32
  • Recording: support for wildcards when automatically naming recording files
  • Render: added wildcards for start and end time
  • RS5k: fixed text field UI when automating parameters
  • Screensets: docker related screenset fixes
  • Scrolling: improved autoscroll behavior in arrange view and maximized mixer
  • Theme: added toolbar_filter_solo (for MIDI toolbar)
  • Track autonaming: removal of trailing numbers is now optional and off by default
  • Undo: last undo state shown in menu bar is now constrained in size

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