Dialog Audio advances MP3244 synchronisation and modulation plug-in with welcome V2.0 update

COLOGNE, GERMANY: specialised performance tools developer Dialog Audio is proud to announce availability of an advanced (V2.0) update to its inaugural Modulation Processor (MP3244) audio software plug-in — primarily designed for synchronising and modulating hardware synthesizer parameters within a DAW (digital audio workstation) — as of December 18…

Launched last year to widespread critical acclaim — “MP3244 is the missing link to synchronise all of your analogue and modular synthesizers to a host application,” announced a suitably impressed commentator, the modular structure of the plug-in question allows adventurous users to create miscellaneous modulations that can then be sent to any synthesizer parameter or other audio hardware. However, depending on any given user’s audio hardware setup, several connection possibilities are available when working with MP3244 — MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) input-endowed equipment can be controlled via MIDI CC (Continuous Controller) messages or MIDI SysEx (System Exclusive) messages, while an audio interface (if DC-coupled) or a MIDI-to-CV converter can be pressed into play for audio gear that can be controlled via CV (control voltage). The modular structure of MP3244 allows users to precisely tailor modulation signals to specific hardware setups, giving owners of those setups the freedom to flawlessly integrate their classic or modular synths into their DAW environment — with all the convenience of tempo and host synchronisation that is now expected from plug-ins, in other words, while MP3244 can also be used to modulate software synthesizers and audio plug-ins directly within a DAW to provide extended modulation possibilities.
Perfected further still with the timely introduction of V2.0 of MP3244, Dialog Audio takes an advanced concept — already a plug-in quite unlike any other in existence — and makes it even better, thanks to a whole host of new core features as follows:

• AU (Audio Unit) instrument format added
• AU MIDI FX format added (for Apple Logic users to easily load the plug-in within an external modulation track to modulate MIDI
CC and SysEx gear)
• MIDI CC and SysEx value output range can be set manually (to fit the value range of the receiving device — from 0 to 100, for
• Support for SysEx checksum calculation added (to control synthesizers requiring a checksum to handle messages via one of
three methods — normal, which sends the seven least significant bits of the calculated sum; complement, which subtracts the
seven least significant bits of the sum from 128 for use with some Roland synths, for example; and XOR, a bitwise Exclusive OR on all parts of the sum)
• Save and load presets from directly within MP3244
• LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) Ratio option added for custom RATE control (such as 7/8)
• New X-FADER module added (allows users to mix and fade between two signals, the output of which can be controlled via a
control signal)
• Advanced integration with Sequencer Processor (SQ4) — Dialog Audio’s upcoming tool for modulating audio gear parameters
with a sequencer approach, as implied by name — to load the partner plug-in within MP3244 to enable even more modulation
signal options
• General UI (user interface) improvements
To partly paraphrase another popular song — one that has been named one of the 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century by National Public Radio — that has stood the test of time, MP3244’s raison d’être remains… same as it ever was — but better! Indeed, it has come a long way since starting out as a novel way of fulfilling a very specific need: “Needing to get a filter to modulate synchronised via SysEx from a host application was the basic idea behind its development,” divulges Dialog Audio founder Julian McDole.
The latest version (2.0.0) of Modulation Processor (MP3244) can be purchased and downloaded — for Mac OS X 10.7+ (AAX/AU/VST, Universal Binary) or Windows (7, 8, 10 AAX/VST, 64-bit/32-bit) — directly from Dialog Audio for $49.00 USD (including VAT) from here: http://www.dialogaudio.com/modulationprocessor/ (Note that MP3244 runs in demo mode until a valid Software License Key is entered; during demo mode the plug-in will intermittently stop processing and preset loading is permanently disabled.)
Watch Dialog Audio’s informative introductory video of MP3244 here:

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