Eiosis – AirEQ 1.1 Update – New Filter Slopes and More!

eiosis-logo we are pleased to bring you a very important update for AirEQ to Version 1.1 that contains new features, improvements, and bug fixes! This update has been heavily tested and is compatible with your sessions and presets and is recommended for all users.


Notable Fixes & Improvements:


Steeper Filter Slopes:

eiosis-filter-neu-1We’ve added three additional slope settings to the High and Low Pass Filters; now you have 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 dB/oct filters. Right Click the Filter Slope button to select the Filter Slope Range. And you can still switch quickly between two slopes for quick and easy comparisons! 









Resonant 6dB Filters:

The 6dB High and Low pass filters can now have resonance using the Q knob. Now, you have both the smoothness of a gentle slope and the flexibility of an adjustable Q-Factor with AirEQ.


Contextual Help:

By hovering over any knob, button, or slider AirEQ will display a list of key commands for that parameter in the lower left corner of the GUI. Contextual Help is enabled by default, but can be disabled from the Configuration menu, under Display > Contextual Help.


Band Solo now works with the High and Low Pass Filters:

In previous releases, the Band Solo feature only worked on the five bell / shelf bands. Now it works on the High and Low Pass Filters as well!


New Key Command for Band Solo & Frequency Finder:

We’ve added a new key command that will allow you use to use both the Frequency Finder and Band Solo without switching settings. You can set your preferred Shift+Frequency behavior via the menu in the toolbar.

More informations here: Link





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