ESI provides perfect playback volume control of studio monitors with aptly-monikered MoCo

LEONBERG, GERMANY: leading professional and semi-professional audio equipment vendor ESI is proud to announce availability of MoCo — as implied by name, a fully-passive monitor controller designed to help provide perfect playback volume control of studio monitors — as of September 25…

There are no active components involved in MoCo’s minimalist design that could in any way alter the audio signal sound quality for
connected studio monitors, meaning playback control volume is kept at maximum. MoCo provides two separate stereo INPUTS — one with
balanced 1/4-inch TRS (Tip-Ring Sleeve) connectors, the other with both unbalanced RCA (Radio Corporation of America) and unbalanced
1/8-inch TRS connectors — and two separate stereo OUTPUTS — one with balanced XLR (Canon X Series, Latch, Rubber) connectors, the other
with balanced/unbalanced 1/4-inch TRS plus unbalanced 1/8-inch TRS connectors. Users can quickly select the INPUT signal via an A/B switch
and enable each OUTPUT with separate (A and B) buttons. There is also a MONO signal-activating button as well as an ability to quickly MUTE
the playback audio signal at the press of another appropriate button. It is also possible to speedily swap the left and right audio signal
channels. Last, but not least, the stylish big knob at the centre of MoCo’s delightful desktop design controls the all-important, actual playback
volume — after all, that is what it’s all about!
As such, perfect playback volume control of studio monitors could not be simpler or speedier than working with MoCo, making for a sensible
studio addition anywhere… and at a perfectly-positioned price point to match, making a purchase decision equally easy!
MoCo is available to purchase at an MSRP of €89.00 EUR/$89.00 USD. (For availability and pricing internationally,
please visit ESI’s dedicated distributor webpage:
For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated MoCo webpage here:

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