HEDDphone® TWO by HEDD Audio

HEDD Audio, the Berlin-based manufacturer of high end studio monitors and headphones, is thrilled to announce the launch of its long anticipated successor to the original HEDDphone ONE: HEDDphone TWO. 
Powered by new advances in Air Motion Transformer technology and informed by profound user feedback, the new HEDDphone has undergone a turbo-charged evolution. With a folded Kapton diaphragm over three times larger than of traditional dynamic, planar, or electrostatic driver designs, the sound of HEDDphone TWO has reached new heights—it precisely tailors subtle transients and creates a transparent, natural musicality. It delivers a speaker-like, evenly balanced soundstage with stunning definition, permitting long listening periods with very little fatigue.
Building on the success of its predecessor, used by award-winning producers and engineers like Tchad Blake, Hildur Guðnadóttir, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, this headphone is crafted with particular focus on the needs of mastering engineers, mix engineers, and producers—without forgetting the broader spectrum of consumer headphone enthusiasts. 
Several breakthroughs have been achieved in the three and a half year process of developing and designing HEDDphone TWO. HEDD Audio’s R&D team reconstructed the driver from scratch, using lightweight materials like carbon fibre and magnesium to achieve a staggering 25% weight reduction from the original. Furthermore, an all-new mechanical design was developed that enhanced the product’s durability while simultaneously making the entire unit more compact. 
Extensive material and reliability testing has allowed HEDD to offer a rare and extended five-year warranty for HEDDphone TWO, available to customers via product registration. 
A patent is pending for the all new unique headband (HEDDband) that provides users with a true custom-comfort-fit experience. HEDD have gone all-out to invent a smart strap system, allowing parameters like height, width, curvature, and even the clamping pressure to be tweaked and adjusted to the head shape and taste of an individual listener. 
To ensure highest flexibility straight out of the box, HEDDphone TWO includes a carrying case as well as additional balanced and unbalanced cables, making it easy to take HEDDphone TWO to recording projects… and even on vacation. Heavy users will appreciate the spare set of ear pads, also included. 
HP2: Price and Availability
Priced at 1999€ (incl. VAT), HEDDphone TWO will be available in late September (North America) and from mid to late October (Rest of the world).
HP2: Specifications
Concept: Open-back over-ear
Driver: Full-range Air Motion Transformer (AMT)
Diaphragm: Kapton polyimide film
Frequency range: 10Hz – 40 kHz
Sensitivity: 89 dB/W
Impedance: 41 Ohm
Weight: 550g
Power Requirements: minimum 200mW, recommended 1000mW or more Cable: Kevlar-infused, graded
Vegan-Leather ear pads and head cushion
Made in Germany
HP2: In the Box
HEDDphone® TWO
Travel case to fit HEDDphone® TWO and Accessories 1x additional set of spare ear pads
1x 2.2 m unbalanced cable with 6.35 mm termination 1x 2.2 m balanced cable with 4.4 mm termination
1x unbalanced adapter from 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm
1X balanced adapter from balanced 4.4 mm to XLR
HEDDphone TWO is hand-built in Berlin, Germany
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