Heritage Audio announces availability of OST-6 v2.0 as advanced six-slot, professional, rack-mountable 500-Series powered enclosure

MADRID, SPAIN: Heritage Audio is proud to announce availability of its improved OST-6 v2.0 six-slot, professional, rack-mountable 500-Series powered enclosure — duly designed for racking any and all 500-Series devices and modules, including ‘double-width’ designs and even the most demanding Class-A and vacuum tube tools, providing maximum protection, filtering, and isolation to each channel, each with their own individually isolated and regulated power supply to ensure peak performance of each module installed, and advanced beyond its now-discontinued OST-6 predecessor with a new LINK feature for linking each channel over to the next at the push of a button with no patch cabling required — as of February 22…
As an advanced six-slot, professional, rack-mountable 500-Series powered enclosure suitable for mobile and project recording, duly delivering up to 400mA per rail per slot or 1.8 Amps total (2.0 Amps non-continuous) — whichever is reached first — with a phantom power supply delivering up to 140mA total, the OST-6 v2.0 is duly designed to offer the widest possible range of compatibility with any 500-Series device ever made since its vertical architecture also accommodates ‘double-width’ modules. Thanks to Heritage Audio’s proprietary On-Slot Technology, each channel is individually regulated, filtered, and protected, providing the highest performance, lowest noise, and best protection.
Put it this way: while it is fair to say that most 500-Series enclosures on the market have a relatively simply designed power supply that feeds every channel in parallel, each channel in the OST-6 v2.0 enclosure has its own power supply, individually isolated to ensure peak performance of each module installed and that no ‘power-hungry’ or even faulty modules will compromise the performance of another. After all, many experienced engineers are aware of certain ‘power-hungry’ Class A or vacuum tube-based modules that can cause banks of 500-Series modules to ‘brown out’ or not function, or would simply not work in some standard enclosures. Far from this being the case with the OST-6 v2.0, instead it ensures that ‘demanding’ modules receive the power they need while any adjacent modules remain unaffected. As well as reducing interference, many 500-Series devices — especially mic pre-amps — actually exhibit lower self-noise and better performance when racked in the OST-6 v2.0 enclosure.
Duly differentiating Heritage Audio’s OST-6 v2.0 iteration from its now-discontinued OST-6 predecessor is its added LINK feature, advantageously allowing each of its six channels to be linked over to the next at the push of a back panel-positioned button — no patch cabling required! Readily realising the European pro audio manufacturer’s modus operandi, the OST-6 v2.0 enclosure is built utilising the most cutting-edge methods in manufacturing and design without ever compromising audio quality or cutting corners. Completing the OST-6 v2.0 package are its included detachable rack ears and an all-metal handle, helpfully combining to create the ultimate portable solution.
Saying that, though many might not consider a 500-Series enclosure to be the most exciting addition to a studio setup, it is obviously a necessity for 500-Series modules owners for whom it clearly makes sense to invest in a sensibly priced example that is both durable and compatible with any owned 500-Series modules. Moreover, it also makes sense to invest in a 500-Series enclosure that will bring out the cleanest and best performance from those owned 500-Series modules. Fortunately for anyone weighing up the options, Heritage Audio has thoughtfully tailored the perfect solution in its advanced OST-6 v2.0 by bringing out the best of any 500-Series modules’ sonic potential in a portable, rugged enclosure that will far from break the bank. 
OST-6 v2.0 is shipping and available via Heritage Audio’s growing global network of dealers (https://heritageaudio.net/where-to-buy-international/) with an SSP (Standalone Selling Price) of €549.00 EUR (including VAT) in the EU and a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $599.00 USD, US distribution being handled via RAD Distribution (http://www.raddist.com/heritage-audio.php).
For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated OST-6 v2.0 webpage here: https://heritageaudio.net/catalogue/ost6v2/
Watch Heritage Audio’s tantalising trailer video for OST-6 v2.0 here: https://youtu.be/DX1Ia7Ashmw
Watch Heritage Audio’s OST-6 v2.0 unboxing video here: https://youtu.be/pxeQlyk6ZDs 

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