How 5G Will Change the Music Industry – Elk in discussion with Alan Parsons, Verizon, PreSonus and Ericsson

For this year’s NAMM show ​Elk,​ the company behind the ​revolutionary ​Elk Audio OS, ​will host a panel on ​5G​ and how it will change the music industry. Fresh off an exciting 2019 where the company not only had their technology used on stages all around the world by British mega band ​MUSE​ in the shape of a custom made synth guitar, but also released an open-source version of the award winning Elk Audio OS now highlight another segment in their sights.
For the last 1.5 years ​Elk​ has been working together with 5G network provider Ericsson to bring remote real time music making over ​5G​ to the market. The mutual project has been showcased with great success all over the world. Staging the world’s first ​concert in real time over a ​5G​ in Spain last year among other things.
5G​ networks, which will provide massive increases in bandwidth and reductions in latency, are beginning to roll out in the United States and around the world. The music industry will be transformed by an entirely new generation of ​5G​ enabled internet of things (IoT) musical instruments and audio tools. Tools that will be connected to exciting new services like real-time jamming and collaboration over the internet, remote real-time recording, and online music and audio education.
At NAMM 2020, ​Elk’s Matt Ward​ will host a panel titled “How 5G will change the music industry. The panel will include: ​Alan Parsons​ (Music industry veteran with a career spanning 6 decades), ​Kunal Jathal​ (Verizon Lab’s ENVRNMT project), ​Jim Odom​ (Founder and President of PreSonus) and ​Bill Goodman​ (Director – Solution Architecture at Ericsson). The panel will discuss the upcoming possibilities, obstacles and the future of the music industry.
“After working together with Ericsson and seeing the reactions from the showcases its clear to me that 5G will transform everything about how we create music together. It is a change that will affect every part of the process and that’s why it is so exciting to bring all these different aspects together on stage to discuss the future of our industry.” ​- ​Michele Benincaso, CEO at Elk
The panel will take place on the ​Hilton, Level 2, California Ballroom B​ on Saturday, January 18, 2020 — 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Elk is a Stockholm based company (​formerly known as MIND Music Labs) that ​develops technologies enabling a new generation of connected musical instruments and audio ​devices​. ​Elk​’s ​ambition is to create new ways to bridge the gap between musicians and technology, changing how to learn, create, record and share music. 
Elk Audio OS is Elk’s patent pending core technology. Elk is a Linux based Audio Operating System developed to deliver ​ultra low latency audio performances in embedded systems and over 5G networks. ​Elk allows you to leverage the power of software technology in a new generation of smart musical instruments and 5G network services that will connect musicians around the world. 


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