IK Multimedia Releases Joe Satriani Amp Vault Signature Collection for TONEX

June 27, 2024 – IK Multimedia releases Joe Satriani Amp Vault Signature Collection for TONEX, continuing IK’s long partnership with the artist and expanding the TONEX signature series with incredible new Tone Models.


“The pack includes 59 captures of my favorite and most used heads and combos captured with the brilliant TONEX wizardry. TONEX delivers a “real” amp experience for guitarists, live or in the studio. And now you can experience my amplifier treasury for yourself!”
– Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani Amp Vault features 27 amplifiers from one of today’s most influential electric guitar players. The collection results from his relentless pursuit of great tone and commitment to capturing each amp to his specifications. He handpicked the 27 amplifiers from his collection, dialed in his favorite settings and captured them using IK’s Advanced AI Machine Modeling at Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Studios.
From sought-after vintage gems to his modded signature amps, these guitar tones have appeared on iconic albums like “Surfing with the Alien” and “The Elephants of Mars.” They have also been on stage with his supergroups Chickenfoot and G3. The Joe Satriani Amp Vault Collection covers over 35 years of soaring melodies, layered soundscapes and soulful sounds.
Collection Overview

  • 59 Tone Models based on Joe Satriani’s prized amp collection
  • Spanning the guitar legend’s lifetime of work and musical expression
  • Dialed in by Joe and captured at Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Studios
  • Created using cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling™ technology with advanced training
  • Compatible with all TONEX versions, including the free TONEX CS and TONEX App
  • All Tone Models can quickly be loaded to TONEX Pedal or TONEX ONE for live performance

Surfing with the Brits
At the core of Joe’s sound is an array of British-infused rock tones, all represented in a rainbow of tones, reaching far and wide, from early ’70s crunch and clean tones to his modern high-gain sounds. The collection features Tone Models based on multiple Marshall® amps, including 4 versions of Joe’s signature JVM410H amp: stock, C83 Mod, KT88 and 6L6, each with its particular character and feel.

Joe’s original 1971 Super Lead and 1969 Plexi are vintage treasures that’ll satisfy any rock enthusiast. The ’69 Super Lead is an exceptional amp used in the early 1980s with the Squares but was stolen around 1983. It returned nearly 30 years later, in 2012 and Joe wanted to include that incredible-sounding amp in this collection for his fans. 

Time Machine
Joe hops in a time machine and returns to the 1950s and ’60s with Tone Models based on 9 classic Fender amps from his private collection, including an original ’53 Tweed Deluxe, which he has owned and used on almost every album since the early ’90s.

Joe’s layered rhythm guitar tracks often feature a variety of American-style amplifiers. Sparing no expense, he chose 9 of his favorite Fender amplifiers featuring captures based on Fender’s Hand-wired series, including a ’64 Custom Princeton Reverb®, ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb®, ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb® and a ’57 Deluxe® with an Alnico Cream Celestion speaker.

Also included are captures of late ’60s reissue amps based on a ’68 Custom Pro Reverb™, ’68 Custom Princeton® Reverb, ’65 Princeton® Reverb and a ’68 Custom Vibro Champ® Reverb.
In addition to several bell-like clean captures, many amps were turned up to produce thick, throaty crunch tones perfect for rhythm tracks or as the ideal “edge-of-breakup” platform for your favorite boost and overdrive pedals. 

Beyond the Supernova
Joe could have stopped at the Fender and Marshall captures, but being the “The Extremist,” he wanted to add Tone Models of several amps that have been part of his touring and studio work. He included his trusty Peavey 5150®, a staple for almost every album. He brings his SLO-30, Friedman Small Box and newer 5150III models for high-gain fanatics. Joe has been using his Wells amp (only five made) since ’91 and includes this rare amp, a blend of VOX, Fender and Marshall-style circuits.
Among the clean tones are captures of Joe’s Hiwatt and Roland Jazz Chorus, vital to the artist’s album work. From rare one-of-a-kind vintage amps to modern rigs, TONEX makes it affordable and easy to own the most sought-after gear in the world.

“It gives the customer the chance to have those passionate moments with the gear, which is really important.”
– Joe Satriani

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Pricing and Availability:
Joe Satriani Amp Vault Signature Collection is available now to purchase via ToneNET and within any version of TONEX for Mac/PC for $/€99.99.*

*Pricing excluding taxes.

For more information about Joe Satriani Amp Vault Signature Collection and to hear the tones, please visit:


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