Impact Soundworks gains musical MOMENTUM with peerless percussive virtual instrument

FULTON, MD, USA: audio software creator Impact Soundworks is proud to announce availability of MOMENTUM — a percussive virtual instrument based on a wholly unique library of organic, acoustic performances and multi-samples designed specifically for film, game, and TV composers, with well-built KONTAKT patches par excellence available alongside sliced REX2/WAV files and also both chromatic and sound menu multi-sample/ one-shot patches for instant inspiration — as of October 13…

Over two years in the making, MOMENTUM is a virtual treasure trove of peerless percussion. Put it this way: with over 2,600 rhythmic loops in multiple frequency ranges, time signatures, and tempos, with both tonal and non-pitched instruments, including djembes, darbukas, and cajons (played with fingers, mallets, and brushes); cello (picked and slapped); erhu (picked and brushed); classical guitar (brushed, slapped, and struck); metal doors, staircases, and boxes; mistreated bass drums; bottles, pans, kalimbas, and buffalo drums; custom drum kits; air cans, bamboo, and brass urns; egg shakers, muted guitars, and water glasses; Chinese toms, maracas, edu, and caxixi; and much more… make no mistake, this is all-new content — completely outside the realm of traditional drum and percussion libraries.
Like no other, this library lets loose with over 2,500 matchless multi-samples and amazing one-shots, including over 100 menu-style percussive sounds, plus tasty tuned percussion spread across the keyboard. And anyone who prefers to musically mangle things elsewhere should surely delight in the fact that all loops in MOMENTUM are also available as REX2 and WAV format files. Furthermore, those REX2 files can even be loaded into Stylus RMX — albeit after conversion to the S.A.G.E.™ (Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine) file format. Elsewhere is well and truly catered for by MOMENTUM!
Making music is what it’s all about with MOMENTUM, meanwhile. Mulling it over, the Impact Soundworks development team took things to dizzying heights of lofty ‘loopiness’ in pursuit of percussive perfection: “We conceived this library originally in 2014 to address a need — a gap in our templates as composers and producers. We are always looking for rhythmic elements to add to our music. Whether it’s a pop EDM track, an epic trailer cue, or a tense action underscore, these elements can set the tone for the mood and feel of the piece. It’s that pulse, the driving force that hooks the listener immediately. MOMENTUM offers a tremendous collection of original, acoustic percussive performances that are just a click away. Everything was created and recorded organically. Unlike countless other rhythm/pulse libraries, these are not just synthetic elements processed with the same set of tools that everyone else uses.”
Ultimately, MOMENTUM is driven by an all-new script engine focused on rhythm and delivering inspiration as fast as possible. This comes courtesy of an inspiring new UI (User Interface) with a well-thought-through Loop Designer patch permitting in-depth editing of individual performances. Usefully, users can quickly load any loop and tweak to suit with PER SLICE editing of PITCH, VOL (Volume), PAN, CUT (cutoff), and RES (resonance), as well as accessing the MOD1 and MOD2 modulation tables that connect to the Mod Matrix (MOD SOURCE and MOD SEND). Similarly, an eight-slot FX Rack — featuring EQ, COMPRESSOR, TRANSIENT DESIGNER, SCREAM, BITCRUSHER, DELAY, REVERB, and LIMITER — creatively connects to the Mod Matrix, making morphing and transforming loops like child’s play! Naturally, there are also easily-editable envelopes (AMP ENV and FILTER ENV) alongside a FILTER for further tweaking — both PER SLICE or GLOBAL. Get this though: the Loop Designer
also boasts key-triggered trigger effects — including stutter, gate, and reverse — and an ability to play loops from any slice!
Selecting the perfect loop for projects couldn’t be simpler, thanks to an incredibly powerful sound source Browser. By simply filtering searches using a wide range of tags related to tempo, time, instrument, or timbre, the resultant suitable selection — and road to inspiration — is instant!
Thankfully, the loop playback engine automatically adapts to the host tempo (though sometimes finding a loop close to the project tempo will yield the best possible results).
Last but not least, Loop Mapper makes loading up a range of ‘menu-style’ performances across the keyboard a breeze. By using the Browser to map as many keys as needed, then pressing a key to trigger the loop… it definitely doesn’t get much simpler than that!
There it is, then. Finding and editing the perfect organic rhythmic element just got a whole lot easier and faster with MOMENTUM. Inspiration is an absolute given. Gaining musical momentum with this peerless percussive virtual instrument is just a click away, after all.

MOMENTUM can be purchased and digitally downloaded directly from Impact Soundworks for $149.00 USD from here:
Note that MOMENTUM requires the full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT (5.5.2 or higher); its REX2/WAV files do not.
For more in-depth information, including several superb-sounding audio demos, please visit the dedicated MOMENTUM webpage here:

Watch Impact Soundworks Lead Developer Andrew Aversa’s walkthrough and overview of MOMENTUM here:

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