INTERNET Co. Ships Sound it! 8 Pro Audio Editor

Osaka, Japan—October 2017… INTERNET Co., Ltd. unveiled Sound it! 8 Pro, its new two-track audio editing software for Mac and Windows. The versatile audio recording, editing, processing, and mastering software features stereo and mono recording at high sample and bit rates, support for a wide variety of file formats, batch processing, and a wealth of signal-processing plug-ins.

Recording is quick and easy, including support for up to 768 kHz, 32-bit PCM files, so for ​practical purposes, resolution is limited only by your interface. With native Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording and playback up to 11.28/12.28 MHz (DSD256), Sound it! 8 Pro is an excellent choice for mastering for SACD. With a maximum file size of 100 GB, for up to 165 hours of 16-bit, 44.1 kHz recording, you won’t run out of recording time. The software offers timed recording with selectable preroll, insert recording between markers, and overwrite recording. A media browser makes it easy to audition sound files and instantly add them to your song via drag-and-drop. A performance monitor lets you check your CPU load and hard disk access time, and a memory monitor verifies how many files are stored and how much memory you need.

Sound it! 8 Pro’s comprehensive editing features include cut, copy, paste, trim, and merge; crossfades with selectable time and custom crossfade curves; normalize, fade, reverse phase, insert silence, and swap L/R tracks; and an undo history. You can write automation, including in real time, for volume and pan and can freeze tracks to apply effects and automation. Place and easily move markers, complete with comments, to quickly move between locations in a song or to select a precise range for playback. Play selections in several ways, including variable speed, reverse, scrub, and looped playback.

The software’s mixer includes input and output faders, a monitor send, panning, and slots for up to eight simultaneous effects plug-in instantiations. INTERNET Co. bundles 49 of its VST2 effects plug-ins, including a variety of EQs, dynamics processors, reverbs, and specialized effects, plus Sonnox’ prized De-noiser, De-clicker, De-buzzer, EQ, reverb, and limiter. The software also supports third-party VST2, VST3, and (Mac version) AU plug-ins.

A spectrum analyzer (FFT) displays the frequency spectrum at the current cursor point during recording and playback, including peak hold, linear or logarithmic graphing, and variable magnification. Batch processing enables you to apply such tasks as gain change, normalize, fade-in/out, and file format conversion, and more to all audio files in a specified folder. Although Sound it! 8 Pro is not a MIDI sequencer, it can import Format 0 and Format 1 Standard MIDI Files and render them as audio.

The selection of output file formats includes AIFF, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, MP3, PCM Raw, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless, DSD, and more. You can also create DDP files for commercial CD and DVD replication and can burn CD-Rs directly from Sound it! 8 Pro. Sound it! 8 Pro is class compliant and is compatible with audio interfaces that support Core Audio (Mac) or ASIO (Windows).


​Sound it! 8 Pro is available immediately for Mac and Windows at an introductory U.S. price of $149 USD until November 15, 2017, and $199 USD thereafter. For more information and to order, please visit INTERNET Co., Ltd., will exhibit Sound it! 8 Pro at the 2017 AES show, booth 304A.









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