Introducing SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion

Our sister developer Red Room Audio proudly presents its second flagship instrument for composers: SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion, available now for Kontakt (5.6.8+). Working with our own inhouse scripting team, RRA has created a truly versatile percussive instrument perfect for film, TV, game, and – of course – epic trailer scoring.

SAGA features a range of traditional orchestral percussion ensembles (snares, toms, bass), world ensembles (taikos, tupan, surdo, frame drum), soloists (taiko, tupan, frame drum, etc.), cymbals, gongs, and lots of dynamic metals. Over 110 instruments total!
The extensive and detailed articulations (up to 7x dynamics / 10x RR) range from hits, rolls, edges, rims, and sticks, to flams, mutes, scrapes, chokes, bows, booms, and everything in between.
Similar to our own philosophy on orchestral-style sampling, RRA recorded in a fairly dry hall with multiple mics, offering focus, power, and versatility instead of a heavy-reverb baked sound.
For a full walkthrough, demos, and further info, check out the links below!
SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion is available now for the LIMITED-TIME intro price of $119. Palette owners save an additional $50! (Just log in first and add to your cart.)

Get SAGA at Red Room Audio

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