ISOVOX announces availability of ultra-portable ISOVOX Go vocal booth in carry-on-bag-fitting format

HALMSTAD, SWEDEN: having made a notable name for itself with its critically-acclaimed ISOVOX 2 vocal booth that reduces unwanted room sound from recordings, itself instantly finding favor with the likes of high-flying multi-million-selling British singer-songwriter Seal, award-winning innovative company ISOVOX is proud to announce availability of ISOVOX Go — surely set to make its mark, making it possible to achieve studio vocal recordings on the go as an ultra-portable vocal booth package that fits into a carry-on-sized bag — as of April 25…
ISOVOX Go is up to three times more effective at removing room sound than a reflection filter and microphone foam ball — according to RT60 measurements (measuring the time after the sound source ceases that it takes for the sound pressure level to reduce by 60 dB) taken in ISOVOX’s test facility when pitting ISOVOX Go against a generic reflection filter and foam ball. Better still, such effectiveness takes recordings to another level — hardly surprising since the acoustics involved owe much to those that made its ISOVOX 2 ‘bigger brother’ so successful. Reducing room sound effectively when voice recording is clearly what it is all about, although the resultant dry, crisp, and clean sound with smooth frequency response comes courtesy of the new material involved in ISOVOX Go’s ultra-portable design. It is worth noting here, however, that ISOVOX Go and ISOVOX 2 will continually coexist; after all, ISOVOX Go is mainly designed for improving voice recording acoustics and not as a solution to practicing loud vocals at home or away without disturbing neighbours, so users will notice differences in sound character and overall isolation in comparison to ISOVOX 2.
As an ultra-portable vocal booth package — comprising floor stand, mic pole, two M16 nuts, LED light, and user manual — that is foldable (so small enough to fit into most check-in trays), ISOVOX Go fits into a carry-on-sized bag (also included). It comes complete with a gift card to redeem a complimentary copy of ISOPLUG Go as a downloadable plug-in for Mac and PC, itself featuring a one-knob design with powerful audio processing tools such as DE-ESSER, DYNAMICS, TONE, and REVERB with which users can further enhance their recording.
But by implication of appellation alone, ISOVOX Go makes it possible to achieve studio vocal recordings on the go… wherever anyone lays their recording hat. 
ISOVOX Go is available for purchase worldwide with a MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $749.00 USD/€699.00 EUR via ISOVOX’s growing global network of dealers and distributors ( or directly from ISOVOX’s online Shop here:
For more in-depth ISOVOX Go information, please visit its dedicated webpage here:
Watch ISOVOX’s introductory ISOVOX Go video here: 

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