Kemper release groundbreaking Pure Cabinet technology for the Profiler

kemper-logoKemper GmbH/ Ruhr Area, Dec. 1st, 2015 (ictw) – Kemper GmbH today announced the availability of the new Kemper Profiler Operating System Version 3.2. This adds a bunch of new features to the acclaimed Kemper Profiler and Kemper for the first time ever makes it possible to offer the sonic impression of the beloved “Amp in the room” sound that a lot of guitar players are missing when playing profiled tones that were captured with a mic’ed cabinet.

Video with sound examples:



It is because for decades guitar amps have to be mic’ed for recording or live performances. So effectively the audience always listens to something different than the guitar player. This is a thing of the past now. Kemper’s Pure Cabinet cures the sonic changes and tonal side effects induced by the microphone. And the player determines the dosage of this cure – for a cab sound with mic and with „less“ mic.
Of course, the fundamental character of the sound will still be maintained. When activated, Pure Cabinet identifies the typical “harsh frequencies” and treats them to a smooth and balanced sound that is similar to the sound of a pure amp in the room. The amount of the pure cabinet parameter can be individually adjusted by the guitarist himself, depending on personal taste.

All applications that use the mic’ed sound (virtual cabinet) of the Profiler benefit from Pure Cabinet: recordings, live shows via PA, personal full-range monitoring, in-ear monitoring, even just noodling around at home with headphones on. Kemper collected a lot of feedback from professional guitar players from around the globe regarding their take on the Pure Cabinet sound. They all love it and would not switch it off anymore.

But this is not all what is new in Kemper Profiler OS 3.2, the also new Rig X-Fade Time Parameter guarantees seamless preset switching.
Most digital audio devices create an unpleasant gap in the audio signal when a preset is changed. The Profiler performs a cross fade between the previous and actual rig instead, producing a seamless and smooth transition. This cross fade time can be adjusted in a wide range. It affects both Browse and Performance Mode.

Also Version 3.2 adds a number of usability enhancements and new parameters to already existing features.
The Kemper Profiler OS 3.2 is a free download for Profiler owners from the Kemper website:

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