Kostenloses Deep House Sample Pack

Jon Sine, Musik Produzent und YouTuber hat ein kostenloses Deep House sample Pack veröffentlicht. Hier der englische Text dazu:

Since I really enjoy making new sounds using my analog gear, I decided to create this free Deep House sample pack. It contains 72 analog synth shots, which have all been tuned to C, so you don’t need to spend any time figuring out the right key. They’ve been rendered in multiple octaves and went from my hardware synths straight through an analog signal chain. Furthermore, I processed some of my favorite Deep House drum hits using the same gear. The drum kit contains classic 909 sounds, but also some modern stuff. Deep House Essentials is mainly based on old equipment, so it’s a great fit for genres like Deep House, Classic House, or basically everything House-related. The download is 100% royalty-free and free to download.


  • 60 Drum Shots

  • 72 Synth Shots

  • 100% royalty-free

Zu finden ist die Software hier.

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