Mayer EMI – Release – Vibes

With the release of the Vibes synthesizer, Mayer EMI is entering a new stage in their fast-paced company history. At the heart, the Vibes is a 24-voice polyphonic, true stereophonic digital synthesizer that houses the Extended Virtual Analog (XVA) sound engine of the MD900 in a portable form factor. The combination of true stereo digital oscillators with the harmonic richness of wavetable synthesis makes every Mayer a dream instrument for sound designers. Delve into lush unisono pads, create rumbling bass lines or shimmery leads – the XVA synth engine creates a truly immersive sound experience!


Despite its compact size, the Vibes is a professional instrument in its truest form. Combining a state-of-the-art platform design, craftsmanship, sound quality and rich connectivity, the Vibes sets a new benchmark in modern synthesizer design. Furthermore, all important parameters can be easily accessed by the combination of macro controls and a super responsive touchscreen.

A lot has changed since the release of the MD900 three years ago. During the global pandemic, a seismic shift in the semiconductor industry forced Mayer EMI, as many other manufactures, to redesign their system architecture due to the sudden discontinuation of critical components. In order to adapt changes in this ever-evolving environment, a more robust and future proof system architecture was inevitable. After a long process, the new AIS (All Integrated Synthesizer) platform was born. Based on the modularity of this new core technology, more powerful and exciting instruments are possible in the future. Inside the Vibes, the new AIS platform, allows for an additional 8 stereo voices with the same sound quality as in the MD900. However, existing MD900 users will benefit from the same future software updates like new customers. This compatibility not only preserves the investment made in our instruments, it also underlines the customer-oriented
philosophy of Mayer EMI.

New to the Vibes
Pushing software development is equally as important as the intuitive design of hardware instruments. Hence, the Vibes comes bundled with a set of new software features. A new Resonator Oscillator gives more sonic capabilities than ever before. In combination with the already existing Algorithm and Wavetable Oscillator, the Extended Virtual Analog (XVA) engine truly gives musicians unlimited potential for creative expression. The MD900 will receive the Resonator Oscillator as well later this year. The improved Clip Launcher adds even more depths of creative expression. Just like with the MD900, notes can be recorded, edited or drawn into individual Clips, which can be rearranged on the fly. All 4 parts, the drum track and the MIDI Out have an individual clip track. This complex, yet easy to use internal sequencer makes the Vibes a musical sketchpad, live performance instrument and a trusted band member all in once. To top it all, the most common performance controllers (Launchpad, APC  etc.) are natively supported and powered by using one of the three USB A ports on the back. Creating music on the fly was never easier!

To make the Vibes an even more performance-oriented instrument, a fully-fledged digital audio mixer is also part of the improved platform. The new Audio Mixer hosts over 19 stereo channels and allows for real time FX processing of incoming signals through the analog stereo input. Essentially, the Vibes is now a central hub for production, mixing and performing. The Vibes effortlessly combines the functions of a powerful virtual analog synthesizer, drum machine, effects processor and digital mixer. A promising outlook into the future of Mayer EMI.

Vision 2025 – All Integrated Synthesizers:
The Vibes marks an important milestone in product development and gives an insight into the vision of Mayer EMI: All Integrated Synthesizers (AIS). The drastic shift of the pro audio industry in the last years requires rethinking of existing setups and workflows. Usually, synthesizers can only be integrated into existing setups with a set of limited
options. Mayer EMI strongly believes that this should be the other way around: the synthesizer as the central hub for music production. Rather than being integrated, every Mayer integrates the peripherals around him. From controllers to other audio devices and more. Whether at stage, in the studio or at home. Mayer EMI instruments will make your musical journey easier!
The Mayer EMI – Vibes synthesizer is available for preordering from now at a MSRP of 2299,- Euro.
For worldwide distribution please contact B4 Distribution.

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