Modartt releases electro-acoustic piano Vintage Tines MKII

modartt-blackModartt releases the electro-acoustic piano Vintage Tines MKII for Pianoteq. The instrument accompanies the Vintage Tines MKI and Vintage Reeds W1 as part of the Electric Pianos instrument pack. The Vintage Tines MKII virtual instrument for Pianoteq is physically modelled after the famous electro-acoustic piano MKII, and reflects mechanical improvements made by the manufacturer after the MKI release. The original instrument had its own sound character and personality which are instantly recognizable to 70’s Music Lovers, and are faithfully reproduced by the Pianoteq virtual instrument.

Pianoteq-rhodes Mark II

Character and history:
Like acoustic pianos, the electro-acoustic pianos generate sound using keys and hammers. However, instead of strings, the hammers strike thin metal tines, which are amplified via an electromagnetic pickup. The result is a lighter, more touring friendly, instrument with a unique sound suitable for jazz, pop, and soul music. The electro-acoustic instrument can be heard in legendary recordings by Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea, and many more.
Refined physical model for Pianoteq A refined physical model has been developed for simulating the MKII electric piano. In particular, it captures faithfully the way the timbre changes when the position of the tines relative to the electromagnetic pickup is modified, and provides a spectacular “Bark” for some well-chosen combinations of pickup distance and symmetry.

Wide selection of presets:
The Vintage Tines MKII for Pianoteq is an extremely playable and dynamic instrument which offers 30 exciting presets, many created by the sound designer Klaus P. Rausch.

Download and Try:
The Vintage Tines MKII requires the latest update 5.7 of Pianoteq. It joins the Vintage Tines MKI and Vintage Reeds W1 as part of the Electric Pianos instrument pack, which can be purchased for 49€/$59. The instrument is available for evaluation in the free trial version of Pianoteq, which can be downloaded from the website, where you can also listen to audio samples.

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