Modartt releases Organteq 2

The newly released version 2 of the physically modelled pipe organ Organteq introduces a new collection of German Baroque stops, an enhanced sound engine, new voicing parameters and many  new features for sound tweaking.


Increased selection of sounds
Organteq 2 increases its selection of sounds by adding a set of 34 German Baroque aesthetics stops, inspired by the works of many great organ builders from the period of Bach (Tröst, Schnitger, Silbermann, and others) plus an extended collection of French Romantic flue and reed pipes. On top of this, powerful reed and flue 32’ bass pipes will give authority
to the lowest notes.

Improved physical model and voicing parameters
Vast improvements of the physical model were made on the characteristic attack transients (chiff), the rattling sound of the loud reed pipes, room acoustics, and much more, bringing a vivid instrument of stunning playability and breathtaking realism. Furthermore, every pipe of every stop can now be individually voiced at your taste through several voicing parameters, including chiff amount, air noise, wind jitter, brightness and more ― the sonic possibilities are virtually infinite.

A versatile console with exciting features
The console offers many new improvements and features as it can now hold up to 50 stops, 3 fully assignable expression pedals, 4 monophonic couplers for bass and melody, a 24-step crescendo pedal, parameters to adjust the division blending with room acoustics, and a new audio routing mix matrix. Organteq 2 comes with more than 30 pipe organ presets representing the French Romantic and German Baroque periods, historical organs, and even experimental organs. Everything in Organteq 2 can be tweaked ― from the composition of the organ to the sound of each pipe ― making it possible to reproduce a wide variety of existing organs or to explore unknowns musical lands.

Enhanced GUI
The new UI has been designed to enhance alteration and creativity, as well as live performance. Compatibility with touch screens is improved, and there is now also VoiceOver (macOS) and Narrator
(Windows) tools for visually impaired.

Download and Try
A free trial version of Organteq 2 is available for your evaluation. An upgrade path is offered to registered Organteq users. Further details with audio samples are available on the website

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