New from Impact Soundworks: Rosette Fingerstyle

Introducing Rosette Fingerstyle, the first in our new Rosette line of acoustic guitars. We sampled a gorgeous steel-stringed Taylor 414ce acoustic in obsessive detail: every string, every fret, every finger, with two mics and even a DI signal. An improved, expanded guitar engine lets you easily customize the virtual player’s performance to breathe life into your music, no matter how intricate or nuanced.


For over a decade, we’ve worked to perfect the virtual electric guitar with our acclaimed Shreddage series, and again and again, we receive requests for “acoustic Shreddage.” With the completion of the Shreddage 3.5 engine update, we finally felt ready to tackle the added layers of complexity that are inherent to acoustic guitars. For our first foray into the world of acoustics, we wanted to start with something versatile that could be used across genres, which led us to fingerstyle, a more flexible playing style than ordinary picking.

The Sound

For Rosette Fingerstyle, we chose a top-of-the-line flagship guitar from one of the most beloved brands in the world, a steel-stringed Taylor 414ce acoustic. To capture the tone and character of this beautiful instrument, we experimented with a dozen mics for several months before ultimately choosing a KM184 stereo pair and U87 to record both essential, up-close detail of the fingers on the strings, plus the guitar’s warmth and resonance. This guitar model also has a pickup, allowing us to include a DI signal for even more versatility.

In our quest for the highest realism and expressiveness, we sampled in obsessive detail. Every fret. Every string. Every finger. Across 5 dynamics and 10 round robins.

The result is a superbly expressive sound with the nearly infinite variations you would hear from a real guitarist. Customize the natural tone to your liking; tweak it in the Console mixer by adjusting the individual levels of the three signals, or choose from a broad range of creative, ready-to-go acoustic presets to fit your chosen genre. Alternatively, you can build your own unique sound by creating your own fx chains in the Console page. The multi-tracking feature allows you to double, triple, or quadruple-track the guitar.

The Engine

The Rosette line is built on the updated Shreddage 3.5 engine, expanded for the needs of an acoustic guitar to emulate the way experienced guitarists adjust their performance to hone in on a particular sound, choosing certain fret positions or strings to bring out specific colors or timbres. If you’re already familiar with the Shreddage series, not only will you be able to dive right into Rosette, but you’ll find the experience both more user-friendly and more powerful than ever before.

Rosette Fingerstyle offers a number of ways to customize your performance, with choices around fretting position and style, plucking style, legato and non-legato playing, and string forcing. For a quick and efficient workflow, simply let the engine’s default algorithms automatically provide realistic and varied fret movement of the virtual hand.

Our articulation set covers everything you’ll need to produce any kind of melodic line or fingerstyle rhythm. Articulations include sustains, legato (hammer/pull and slides), mutes, tapping, tremolo and muted tremolo, chokes, natural and artificial harmonics, and pitched and unpitched releases. The Articulation page allows you to customize articulation keyswitch mapping and behavior, and to edit individual articulations. Use the up and down strum keys to easily perform hard or soft chord strumming, which can be customized on the Strumming page.

We hope Rosette Fingerstyle will become an integral part of your creative toolbox — with its stellar natural tone, a huge sample set to provide nearly unlimited variation, and realistic performance capability that brings the expertise of an experienced guitar player to every production. Dive deep and customize every detail of your sound and performance, or save time with the default settings to get a completely natural and realistic production-ready sound.

Whatever you choose to create with it, the gorgeous tone and ultimate playability of Rosette Fingerstyle will surpass your expectations.

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