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sonicreality_logoDen Leuten bei Sonic Reality ist es gelungen zwei Größen des Rock und Pop zusammen zu bringen. Nick Mason, Schlagzeuger bei Pink Floyd und Alan Parsons, bekannt durch “The Alan Parsons Project”, der das Pink Floyd Album “The Dark Side Of The Moon” produziert hat. Herausgekommen ist eine Sample Library des “Custom Ludwig® Black Kit” welches Nick auf dem Album gespielt hat. Zudem wurde exakt die gleiche Aufnahmetechnik verwendet, wie schon 1973. Die Software liegt zunächst für das FXPansion’s BFD2 und BFD3 Format vor. Das schreibt der Hersteller dazu:


sonic-reality-mason-drumThe BFD version of “Nick Mason Drums” is a digital recreation of the legendary Pink Floyd drummer’s “Custom Ludwig® Black Kit” and was recorded by engineer/producer Alan Parsons who originally recorded the album “Dark Side of the Moon”. The same classic miking techniques and EMI mixing console model was used as they did in 1973 so that “Nick Mason Drums” could offer an authentic recreation of a vintage drum sound heard by millions on one of the best selling albums of all time. 


sonic-reality-mason_bfdNick Mason Drums for BFD is an expansion sound library for FXPansion’s BFD2 and BFD3 software which allows discrete multi-channel drum kits to be played from any midi keyboard or e-drum. Individual mic channels can be mixed by the user to create a variety of drum sounds from dry to ambient. The drums are mapped in both standard BFD formats and Sonic Reality’s advanced “iMap” layout for high performance in midi drum programming and live playing. Coming in at close to 5 gigabytes in size this high quality drum kit from Mason and Parsons offers top “album quality” sound.  

“Being a fan of Nick Mason, Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons myself for so many years it was incredible to be recreating the sonic magic with them 40 years later for a sample library” says Sonic Reality CEO Dave Kerzner “I think it’s great that musicians will now be able to use an element of their style and sound in their own music productions for many years to come.”

sonic-reality-mason2In addition to the digital recreation of Nick’s drum kit, live drum grooves were also performed by Nick Mason and recorded by Alan Parsons for upcoming loop libraries and more from Sonic Reality. Other formats such as Reason, SampleTank, Kontakt, Rex, Apple Loops, Acidized Wave and Stylus RMX are coming soon from  and select Sonic Reality dealers and distributors worldwide.

Der Einführungspreis liegt bei 69,- USD statt 99,- USD.

Weitere Informationen auch zum BFD Format gibt es hier: Link

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