Noise Engemeering annouced Sinc Legio another free-running Ocillator

Los Angeles, CA — Modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering, known for their unique Eurorack and software instruments, has announced an addition to their Legio module platform: Sinc Legio. In 2022, Noise Engineering released the highly anticipated Virt Iter Legio, the inaugural module on the 6HP Legio platform, a compact counterpart to the Versio effects platform.

Sinc Legio brings another free-running oscillator to the platform with three new oscillator algorithms. According to Noise Engineering, Sinc Legio pays homage to one of the company’s earliest modules, Sinc Iter, and was designed around wavemorphing and stereo phase modulation. One of Sinc Legio’s most interesting features are its stereo phase modulation inputs, opening up unique possibilities for stereo patching. It also includes algorithms based around two flavors of PM and wavefolding for complex sound creation, no extra modules required, for simpler patches.

Sinc Legio also features a vintage-inspired chorus and a hardsync input for broad stereo sound design and classic synth patches. Because Legio is an oscillator and effects platform, owners of existing Legio modules can immediately try out the new Sinc Legio firmware. Firmware is 100% free and swappable at any time from the Noise Engineering Customer Portal. Sinc Legio marks the fifth firmware on the platform, and Noise Engineering hints that more are on the way. Swappable overlays for Sinc Legio will also be available in the near future.

Sinc Legio also comes as a paneled module in both black and silver, and is available now at and at retailers globally.

Availability and pricing: Sinc Legio: In stock in black and silver.

Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting February 29th, 2024; MSRP US$310

Sinc Legio: Noise Engineering Customer Portal:

Trailer Video: 

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