Noise Engineering Announces New Alia firmware Incus Iteritas; return of Cursus and Ataraxic Iteritas

We are happy to announce the release of three modules on our new Alia oscillator platform. 
New! Incus Iteritas Alia hammers big and bold sounds into patches. Incus started as a percussion voice, and evolved into something wild: create kicks for any genre, snares, and metallic hits, or go melodic and create FM plucks, analog-style basslines, and more. 
We also are pleased to announce the return of Cursus Iteritas and Ataraxic Iteritas on the Alia platform. Cursus creates sounds from a dynamically generated wavetable, then gives the user spectral controls to sculpt and modulate. Cursus has long been regarded as the gentlest Iteritas, but the Alia platform adds a suboscillator output for when a patch needs some beef and extra low end. Ataraxic is ripe for sound design and exploration: a wide range of bright, digital timbres are readily available, and tuning below audio rates creates fun and unexpected textures. Still guaranteed to make the fax machine jealous.
Alia owners can swap between any of the Alia firmwares (also including our flagship Basimilus, Manis, and Debel Iteritas), completely free, at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal.

Hot swappable overlays are also available for modules: swap firmware and drop a faceplate over the existing panel and start patching: no tools, no disassembly required. 
I have attached a press release and a high-res image of Incus Iteritas Alia (others linked below). Product pages will go live on launch day. In-depth videos will follow, as well.
We are here for any questions, and look forward to any coverage!
Trailer Video:

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