Ohm Force makes move into hardware with Ohmicide Eurorack module made available as adaption of distinguished distortion plug-in

PARIS, FRANCE: one-time nasty-sounding audio software creator Ohm Force is proud to announce availability of Ohmicide Eurorack — entering into the hardware world with its inaugural Eurorack module adapted from its distinguished distortion plug-in namesake that defined the now-well-populated category of so-called ‘shaper’ effects (itself now available for free as a legacy product) — as of May 13…
As a distinguished distortion plug-in that defined the now-well-populated category of so-called ‘shaper’ effects, Ohm Force’s Ohmicide was famed for its carefully crafted distortion library covering all things then known and much that was unknown. Ultimately, all 111 of those trailblazing distortion algorithms are now ready to burn fingertips from within the depths of Ohmicide Eurorack, a remarkably versatile module made for delivering huge sonic possibilities, permitting users to change the texture of their VCOs (Voltage-Controlled Oscillators), drums, and/or samples in whatever subtle or brutally unsubtle ways they see fit. For there are all kinds of distortions readily on tap.
The routing has, however, been redesigned for Eurorack — the signal first being split into two bands using the XOVER parameter knob, with the lower band not being processed, preserving the bass content for more control, while the higher band then goes into a low-pass filter, the frequency of which is controlled with the LPF IN parameter knob, allowing for smooth removal of unwanted harmonic content before the desired one is added at the distortion stage.
Desired distortion is selected using the TYPE parameter knob (and associated small screen), with 37 different distortions and shapers available — ranging from wave- shapers, wave folding, saturations, overdrive, fuzz, and bit-crushing through to completely unique distortions, including a fractal chaotic feedback equation, cyclic distortions, slew rate limiters, analogue sample & hold emulation, noise-based distortions, a ball bouncing on walls (with velocity controlled by the input signal), a fridge emulation, or one based on Lorenz strange attractors, even — or simply stumble across a nice surprise. Saying that, though, each distortion then has three variants that are accessible via the FAM switch — namely, S (‘Standard’), which is the raw algorithm; X (‘Xxx’, which sounds more like a tube amp); and O (‘Odd’, which introduces inharmonic distortions). Distortion can then be further controlled using the BIAS and MOD parameter knobs, enabling endless variations. For FAM S and X, BIAS emulates malfunctioning hardware circuitry and adds a DC offset before the distortion is applied; for FAM O, BIAS controls the distance between harmonics — normally multiplicative of the fundamental, but FAM Odd enables expansion or shrinkage of the relationship between those harmonics, making for inharmonic processing. Meanwhile, MOD is specific for each type of distortion; when working with wave-shapers, for instance, it will bring about even harmonics or change the base parameters of the algorithm. All those different distortions access a GAIN parameter knob, itself offering very low to extreme gain settings. Thanks to its clean circuitry — think high-fidelity Texas Instruments Burr-Brown audio convertors working in perfect harmony with 24-bit hardware audio converters, there is surprisingly low noise in the case of the latter.
Last, but by no means least, the distorted signal reaches another low-pass filter whose frequency is controlled with LPF OUT, this time allowing users to ‘tame’ the distortion by progressively removing the harmonics generated in the distortion stage.
Saying all that, though, Ohmicide Eurorack also has an automatic gain staging that preserves the power of the input signal all the way through to the output. On the face of it, this allows users to play with the module without worrying about whether the signal would suddenly become extremely loud, as well as preventing ears from being tricked into interpreting louder sounds as being better.
But better still — as might be expected of any self-respecting Eurorack module, all of Ohmicide Eurorack’s parameters are also CV-controllable, while the GAIN, MOD, BIAS, and XOVER jacks also have associated attenuverters.
As if all that was not enough to be getting on with, Ohmicide Eurorack has four running modes: the (default) Producer mode is typically used in the studio, so involves no menu diving and every parameter change is instant (while the more advanced Performer modes are typically used when preparing for live performance conditions with limited rack space — the original Ohmicide effect plug-in having introduced the Melohman feature that allowed it to be ‘played’ using a MIDI keyboard, which has now been adapted to work with Ohmicide Eurorack’s CV-Gate-centric workflow); the ‘simple’ Performer mode is exactly like the Producer mode, except activating the selected distortion involves clicking on the encoder; and the ‘CV’ and ‘Trigger’ Performer modes work like a mini-sequencer within Ohmicide Eurorack with up to 16 individual sequences, each of which can then be played back either as a classic eight-step sequencer (using the ‘Trigger’ Performer mode, whereby the TYPE jack input acts as a trigger input), or using it as a CV to address steps in any order (using the ‘CV’ Performer mode).
It is fair to say, then, that Ohmicide Eurorack has been carefully conceived, creatively building upon Ohm Force’s decades worth of experience in developing distortions. As a remarkably versatile module made for delivering huge sonic possibilities, it is easy for users to lose themselves in it for long sessions of sound exploration or, conversely, quickly achieve aggressive leads and drones that simply sound unique… just ask Skrillex! Alternatively, anyone attending SUPERBOOTH24, May 16-18, FEZ-Berlin, Germany is invited to swing by Booth Z245 where Ohm Force will be making its debut as an exhibitor, showcasing Ohmicide Eurorack alongside prototypes of four forthcoming Eurorack modules for all to see and hear. 
Ohmicide Eurorack is available worldwide as of May 16, 2024 — coinciding with the first day of SUPERBOOTH24 — with an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of €465.00 EUR (including VAT)/$419.00 USD via San Clemente, CA, USA-based distributor Electro Distro’s growing global network of dealers (https://www.electro-distro.com/dealers ) or directly via its dedicated webpage, which includes more in-depth information, here: https://www.ohmforce.com/ohmicide-eurorack
See and hear Ohmicide Eurorack in action in Ohm Force’s illuminating introductory video here: https://youtu.be/J8el1FGwPRE 

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