Pianoarc-logoFrei nach dem Motto :“Manchmal sind 88 Tasten einfach nicht Genug“, hatte Brockett Parsons, Keyboarder bei Lady Gaga die Idee ein Piano in runder Form zu kreieren. Herausgekommen ist das PianoArc. Das Instrument wurde letzte Woche auf der Winter NAMM Show 2014 gezeigt. Hier die Details:



The circle piano evolved after a call from Brockett Parsons to Chuck Johnson – former bandmates and friends from college. Brockett wanted to expand boundaries of keyboard performance for his role as lead keyboardist with Lady Gaga and along a bandmate, hit on the idea of some kind of circular piano. Chuck contacted friend Rich Fell, a top-tier Steinway technician in the Boston area and after very little debate, decided to try and make this awesome idea, into a playable reality.

Through a whirlwind of specs, drawings, materials, intense labor and communication the unit was readied for rehearsal in California in April 2012. Dave Starkey of MIDI9/QRS provided the brainpower and incredible attention to the detail behind the electronics.

Partial Specifications:

  • Style:  Circular Controller Keyboard.
  • Keys:  292 Keys: 3 contiguous eighty-eight note keyboards – 1 twenty eight note control section, pitch bend/mod per keyboard section.
  • Inputs/Outputs:  Expression, Sustain.  USB MIDI, MIDI IN/OUT.
  • Action:  Custom Hybrid grand/synth action.  Sprung (unweighted) wood keys, rocker pivot with PNOscan custom optical sensing.  Adjustable key height and key dip.
  • Size: Approx 6′ outer diameter.  Customized to 54″ playing reach for Brockett.
  • Stand:  Tiltable +/- 50 degrees.  Height adjustable.
  • Weight:  really heavy.

PianoArc liegt, laut Hersteller, preislich im Rahmen eines sehr guten Flügels. Gebaut wird das Instrument nur auf Anfrage.

Weitere Informationen gibt es hier: Link

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