Positive Grid Announces BIAS FX Explorer Program – Guitar Pedalboards From The Cloud

positive-grid-logoSan Diego, CA (Apr 17, 2015) (ictw) — Positive Grid (www.positivegrid.com) announces the BIAS FX Explorer Program to invite experienced and talented individuals to shape the upcoming BIAS FX project and give early feedback prior to the product’s release. BIAS FX provides musicians with thousands of ultra-high definition multi-effects and pedalboard combinations instantly downloadable from ToneCloud®, the company’s proprietary amp and effects sharing platform. It also features dual amps, dual signal chain, BIAS amps integration, Inter App Audio host, and a highly intuitive graphical interface.



To sign up, please visit: Link http://www.positivegrid.com/bias-fx/

Pedalboards from the cloud:

BIAS FX was conceived and designed from the ground up as an online pedalboard storehouse with universal access. Users all around the world can now create, upload, share and download the same amps, effects and pedalboards across all their mobile devices and computer. A collection of newly developed, high-definition pedal and rack effects is also included: noise gate, boosters, overdrive, distortion, fuzz, equalizers, tremolo, phaser, flanger, chorus, octaver, compressors, delays and spring and plate reverbs, and everything in between vintage and modern rigs. Positive Grid continues to work with world-wide artists, producers, and engineers to create a massive and ever-growing library of virtual pedalboards and rigs for BIAS FX.

BIAS FX is planned for late April release on iPad, and this year Q3 on desktop.

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