Positive Grid Announces New Explorer Program (Hardware Edition)

positive-grid-logoPositive Grid developer of the hugely popular BIAS Desktop Amp Matching Modeler for Mac and PC, today announced an new Explorer Program (Hardware Edition). The Explorer Program is now open for guitar players, engineers, producers and artists from all over the world. Guitar players who gig with guitar amps or guitar effects pedals and would like to join, are invited to sign up at http://www.positivegrid.com/beta-signup/



In exchange, explorers will:

  • Have exclusive access to early development of groundbreaking hardware products from one of the fastest growing music technology companies.

  • Participate actively with Positive Grid’s engineering and product team, provide input and be in the front row of the hardware development process.

  • Get exclusive beta and pre-order access.

Only 50 slots will be available.

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