Positve Grid Apps unterstützen jetzt den Audiobus 2.0 Standard

positive-grid-logoScheinbar rüsten jetzt nach und nach alle Hersteller von Apps für iPhone/iPad ihre Software auf die Unterstützung des Audiobus 2.0 Standard um. Nachdem schon Arturia diese Woche die iSEM App mt der neuen Funktion vorstellte, ist es jetzt also Positive Grid. Betroffen sind folgende Apps: JamUp XT, JamUp Pro XT, BIAS, und Final Touch. Hier die Pressemeldung dazu:



Positive Grid, creator of best selling mobile guitar apps JamUp, BIAS, and the recently launched Final Touch Mastering System for iPad, announces full Audiobus 2.0 support as part of the latest update for its family of apps.
Audiobus 2 consists of a live app-to-app audio for iOS with as many inputs, filters, and outputs as users want, allowing complex signal routing possible with an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface. With this update, musicians and producers will be able to virtually design infinite signal paths just limited by the power of their devices.
Now Positive Grid users will be able to create custom amps on BIAS, add effects on JamUp, record on any app of their preference, and then master final recording mixes on Final Touch – all simultaneously – and even be able to save their favorite preset. And with Audiobus 2’s new “State Saving,” users will be able to save and recall their configuration as part of an Audiobus preset.
To illustrate how Positive Grid apps integrate into Audiobus 2, the developer released a 40-second video called “Welcome, Audiobus 2,” that shows how guitar, keyboards, effects, and music production apps can be used together. The video features Positive Grid’s JamUp and BIAS as well as Arturia’s iSem, A Tasty Pixel’s Loopy HD, Rhism’s Guitarism, and Holderness Media’s Swoopster and Echo Pad.


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