PreSonus Unveils Studio One+ Streamlined Subscription Model & Upgrades to Studio One 6.2

PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. announces Studio One+, a revamped version of the world class music software ecosystem, PreSonus Sphere, that will include all of PreSonus’ core offerings under the umbrella of a single brand. Studio One+ gives users unlimited access to any and every utility necessary to produce, write and record music. In addition to Studio One, Notion, and every plug-in and extension, users also have access to an online portal that grants access to comprehensive masterclasses, collaborative digital tools, and a PreSonus online community. In addition, every month there will be exclusive content at no additional fees. 


“Our goal behind the Studio One+ rebrand was to streamline the PreSonus journey for our users by giving them access to everything they need and more,” said Arnd Kaiser, General Manager, Software at PreSonus. “We used requests for new features and updates that came directly from our consumers and the resulting pieces of software are uniquely optimized for the user experience. Studio One+ is far more than a DAW, it’s an extension of the creative process entirely. We look forward to hearing testimonials from our community!” 


With this new centralized approach, users will also have access to the latest updates of Studio One 6.2 and Notion Mobile 3.2, which include new features that were sourced directly from user requests. These updates are designed to put an emphasis on improved workflow and performance ensuring seasoned professionals and beginners alike will be able to express their creativity with ease. For a list of all new features and descriptions check out the press release and lookbooks linked below!


Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Press Release HERE 
  • Images for Studio One+, Studio One 6.2 and Notion Mobile 3.2 HERE
  • Video for Studio One+ HERE
  • Lookbook for Studio One 6.2 and Notion Mobile 3.2  HERE

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