RSGL04 Gitarrenlibrary für Kontakt von Replika Sound

replice sound-logoReplika Sound von Rupert Gibb hat eine neue Gitarren Library für Kontakt 5, oder höher, mit dem Namen RSGL 04 vorgestellt. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Akustikgitarre mit Stahlsaiten. Die Library enthält insgesamt über 4000 Samples. Hier die komplette Liste:


replica-sound-rsgl-1This versatile instrument comes in both Picked and Finger-Played versions and features:

  • 4032 Samples.
  • True Random-Robin note selection (in 5s for the most used articulations).
  • 12 key-switched articulations.
  • A “Chord Mode” with Strum Speed and Direction controls.
  • One key triggered chords.
  • A “Tremelo Picking Mode” with Speed control.
  • A Vibrato Key to provide a quick way of playing in vibrato on any articulation.
  • Two Display Windows on the GUI – giving the name and constituent notes of each chord selected.
  • A Page of Effects Units (EQ, Compression, Delay, Convolution Reverb).

The one key triggered Chord Library includes:

  • 30 Bar Chord shapes.
  • 26 Common Open Chords.
  • Power Chords for each note.

Key Switched Articulations:

  • Legato (Non Vibrato).
  • Marcato.
  • Staccato.
  • Hammer On.
  • Pull Off.
  • Slide Up into Note.
  • Slide Down after Note.
  • Fret Noises.
  • Natural Harmonics.
  • Sul Ponticello (Plucked near the bridge).
  • Percussive Hits.
  • SFX.


Der Preis beträgt £28.00 plus Steuern.

Weitere Informationen gibt es hier: Link

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