Softube launches Volume 1

LINKÖPING, SWEDEN: high-end plug-in specialist Softube is proud to announce availability of Volume 1 — a plug-in bundle available both as perpetual licenses and as a subscription package at amazing prices that include a 90-minute tutorial video with Ryan West (Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West) — as of November 3… 


Compose, Mix, Produce Volume 1 was compiled the right way — by identifying the 11 most common situations in music production, such as creating drum machine and synth tracks, recording and mixing electric guitar, vocals or other acoustic instruments, and then adding the plug-ins needed to solve them. Volume 1 combines inspiring software instruments with studio-quality effects and tools to enhance the creative process. 16 plug-ins are included with software emulations of legendary analog gear from Summit Audio, Trident, Drawmer, Fix, and Doepfer.  Learn From The Best To make the most of Volume 1, you also get a 90-minute mix tutorial video. Grammy-nominated engineer Ryan West (Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West) walks you through the creation of a song using the Volume 1 plug-ins. The tutorial is made by pureMix, one of the most experienced online video education services for music and sound.

How To Buy Volume 1:

Volume 1 contains plug-ins with a total value of over $2,000.00, which users can get their hands on in three different ways. The bundle is offered as good old perpetual licenses at a list price of $499.00 — available as a download from Softube’s website or as a boxed version from Softube dealers, although an introductory offer of $399.00 is available until November 24.

Secondly, Volume 1 is available at a monthly online subscription of $19.99.

The third option is exclusive to authorized dealers — buy a 12-month prepaid subscription for only $199.00… in other words, get a year of use for the price of 10 months.

Softube works with Gobbler for the subscription service, which also means a much improved download, install, and licensing process for owners of any Softube plug-ins. 

A Growing Concept Volume 1 is the first in the Volume series of bundles. Future Volume versions will contain more plug-ins, freely added to subscribers’ accounts — so just keep subscribing and see your collection of tools grow. Future Volume versions will also be offered at an upgrade fee to owners of perpetual Volume licenses. 

In short:  Volume 1 is a software bundle that includes the tools needed to cover the most common situations encountered in modern music production. 

Volume 1 contains 16 world-class plug-ins, at a total value of over $2,000.00 when purchased separately. 

Volume 1 is available both as a prepaid 12-month subscription, monthly subscription, or as a perpetual license. 

A 90-minute pureMix tutorial video is freely available to all Volume 1 owners. 

Future Volume versions will be available at no cost upgrade to Volume 1 subscribers and for a small fee to owners of a perpetual Volume license. 

Volume 1 contains:

Summit Audio Grand Channel, Summit Audio EQF-100, Summit Audio TLA-100A, TSAR-1 Reverb, FET Compressor, Modular, Trident A-Range, Vintage Amp Room, Drawmer S73, Fix Flanger, Fix Doubler, Heartbeat, Tube Delay, Bass Amp Room, and Saturation Knob.  Much improved download, install, and licensing process.

More in-depth information, including upgrade offers available to owners of plug-ins that are part of Volume 1, is available here: 

See and hear Volume 1 in action here:

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