Sound Magic, a leading innovator in audio technology, is proud to announce the release of EZVox, a groundbreaking in vocal processing all in one solution powered by latest AI technology.

One standout feature is the 3D Doubler, redefining vocal doubling by taking it to a whole new dimension. EZVox not only applies standard doubling but also expands your sound into a dynamic 3D space, amplifying both the width and depth of your vocals. The result? Crisper, stronger vocals that dominate any mix. For those seeking impactful and pro-quality vocal tracks, this feature is a game-changer!

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, EZVox offers two distinct modes catering to different user needs. The detailed control mode is perfect for professionals, allowing full customization for a tailored sound. On the other hand, the AI-based mode simplifies the process with easy-to-understand options, enabling users without mixing expertise to achieve stellar results. The AI fine-tunes the parameters behind the scenes for optimal sound. With just a couple of simple choices, no fancy jargon or confusing numbers, anyone can get their best result!

Moreover, EZVox includes specially designed Compression and Air units. The Compression Unit delivers a wide, robust vocal sound, adding power and impressiveness to your vocals.

With EZVox, effortlessly transform your vocal tracks into professional-grade masterpieces, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice in the mixing realm.

EZVox has an intro price as $69 until Feb,15th 2024, its MSRP is $169

To experience the future of Vocal Processing, visit the product page] to learn more about EZVox and make it an essential part of your creative toolkit.

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