Sound Magic has released Dynamic9:Blue25, an API 2500 Bus Compressor Emulation plugin for macOS and Window

Dynamic9 is a series dynamic processing unit modelled from vintage units. By using the latest Black Box Modelling technology, Dynamic9 series can offer an affordable price for the vintage sound. If you want a vintage unit sound, Dynmaic9 series has an unbeatable advantage in performance/cost efficiency.

Blue25 is modeled from a API 2500 Master Bus Compressor unit. It is a high-end analog compressor that’s designed for use on the mix bus of a mixing console or in mastering applications. It’s a stereo compressor that provides a range of compression settings, including hard/soft knee compression, variable attack and release times, and adjustable threshold and ratio controls.

The API 2500 is known for its ability to add warmth, punch, and character to a mix, while also controlling dynamics in a transparent way. It has a unique “thrust” control that adds low-end punch and tightens up the mix, and a “mix” control that allows you to blend the compressed and uncompressed signals together.

For more information, try the demo version, please visit the product page at

Price is at 19,99 USD. You can download a demo version.

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